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Thoughts control our lives

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Catherine Nalwanga

Our happiness or misery is a direct result of our minds. It’s real because even for someone suffering from cancer, that cancer diagnosis is within his or her control. Of course, the cancer cells are not within your control themselves but your reaction to them is.

So where will you let your mind wander today? Thoughts themselves have no power; it’s when we only actively invest our attention into them that they begin to seem real.

And when we engage in a specific thought, we enter a new emotional state which then influences how we act.

For example, if you regularly engage with the thought that you are a failure, and feed more attention to it, you`ll start to feel down, worthless, discouraged, and perhaps depressed.

Your thought creates your reality, it’s the way you behave and act that define who you are and what you experience in life.

And the way you behave is simply a construction of how you think. Your failing in a business is not the problem, the problem is in your perceiving it to be a problem, it’s how you’re thinking about it.

You dislike your job and blaming your career choices for it is not the problem, the way you think about it is the problem.

There`s a great necessity for one to always think positively or to change the attention of his or her thoughts because what you think directly influences what you experience in life.

There`s a “secret” that all great thinkers and high achievers have agreed to be a real truth and this secret revolves around this simple idea, You are what you think.

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Eliot Owen Ojambo
Eliot Owen Ojambo is a second year journalism student at Nkumba University with Great Enthusiasm in sports reporting.


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