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Baganda Nkobazambogo students depart for a cultural trip

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Nkumba University Baganda Nkobazambogo club have set off for a two days cultural trip to areas of Mpigi and Masaka.

According to the trip’s chairperson organizing commitee, Nicklas Musasizi who Nkumba University News managed to speak to before setting off, the trip will include students from different Universities who are are going to carry out numerous activities.

“We are going to go as different universities but we shall have to do so many different activities in areas of Mpigi which include community cleaning or service where we shall clean the town of Mpigi,then in the evening we shall have an evening walk around the town of Mpigi and
also have a friendly football match with Mpigi. football club.”

Musaasizi added that they will have a camp fire where they will be discussing moe about the different
cultural traditions of Baganda.

“ Then late still in the night, we shall be having what we call ‘Ekyoto’which is the camp fire where we shall be talking about very many stories concerning Buganda culture,the origin,the norms and principles.”

He continued to narrate that they will also visit different cultural places such as Kigwakyabengo and also Kibuuka omubaale

.Muwonge Deus who is among the many students that have set off for the trip says that he expects many experiences from the much anticipated trip.

“I have many expectations from this trip, i hope to first of all build a great network because we are meeting with students from different universities, secondly also to get a better attachment to my culture as a Muganda . Its a trip of great expectations hoping for the best.”for more

Such trips are organised every year by the Buganda cultural society to help it’s members learn more about their culture and develop a sense of cultural belonging.

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