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CHRISTMAS: Bishop Luwalira Cautions Public On Recklessness As He reminds Christians To Reflect on God’s Love

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The Bishop of Namirembe Diocese, Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira has appealed to Christians to pause and reflect on the ever-loving presence of God in his Christmas message dated 25th December 2022.

He further cautioned the general public against reckless lifestyles, “As we celebrate, fellow Ugandans be mindful of your lives, don’t live carelessly and don’t drive recklessly. The world is not ending with this Christmas. Don’t empty the pocket and the accounts because of the festive season.”

“We are experiencing an increase in crime because people’s patience is running low and they are choosing to take the law by their hands, corruption and fraudulent acts among law enforcers, attacks on security institutions, accidents, instabilities in the Neighboring countries which is forcing people to seek refuge in our country. It is possible that as we sing the Christmas carols, and wish friends and relatives a Merry Christmas, we are so entangled in such matters that even the wonderful message of ‘joy to the world, the savior has come’ may sound meaningless to some people,” noted Bishop Luwalira.

“It is my prayer that as we celebrate this Christmas let us pause and reflect on the need for Jesus to be born in our hearts. The heart being the seat of all emotions from which either good or bad motives originate, the message of Christmas is a message of the love of God for fallen humanity. When Jesus is born in our hearts, I have no doubt that our love for God and fellow men will be rekindled, we will honour our God given creation, work for peace and justice and also work towards a fair distribution of resources entrusted to us as a nation.” He added

He also hinted on the diseases that took the country by storm citing Covid-19 wreckage and Ebola that left thousands dead and businesses crumbling. Bishop Luwalira based on this and called upon the general public to heed to Government’s call for vaccination against Covid-19 and continue observing all the precautionary measures as established by Ministry of Health.

“Remember and hear the call for vaccination against Covid-19 and observe all the precautionary measures given by the president and Ministry of Health in the fight against Ebola.”

He also reminded parents to work extra hard if they are to sail through the economic hard times and also pass on the same to their children as they teach them to desist from laziness .

“Parents teach your children to work hard help them learn how to desist from laziness and careless living. God promises to bless the work of our hands Deut 28:12. ” He noted.

Bishop Luwalira invited believers to pray for a peaceful and Godly leadership transition as his tenure nears an end. “I invite you to pray for a peaceful and Godly leadership transition come 2023. When we shall receive a new Bishop.” He asserted.

Namirembe Diocese is set to have new leadership by 8th December, 2023, the day Bishop Luwalira’s term comes to an end.

The Rt. Rev. Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira became Namirembe first youngest bishop when he was elected on the 21st of February, 2009 after beating his sole rival who was the then Namirembe Dean, Canon Augustine Musiwuufu. It is on record that the events that led to his election were tense and threatened to derail the church after some sections questioned the transparency of the vetting process. This was his last Christmas as the Bishop of Namirembe Diocese.

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Japheth Godwin Walakira
Japheth Godwin Walakira
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