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Dr. Nakanwagi Leads Nkumba University Delegation to Women in Energy Forum

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In an inspiring display of leadership prowess and empowerment, Dr. Susan Nakanwagi, renowned for her exceptional contributions to academia, represented Nkumba University on behalf of the Vice chancellor at the Women in Energy Forum and Dinner that took place at Golf Course Hotel-Entebbe on the 18th of May 2023.

With a focus on fostering gender equality and inclusion in the traditionally male-dominated energy industry, this event attracted prominent figures from government, academic institutions, and energy companies.

Speaking after the panel discussion at the event, as an advocate for women’s empowerment, Dr. Nakanwagi highlighted the significance of female representation and innovation in the energy industry and further commended and called for more male support to push women to greater heights

“It is very important to provide equal opportunities for both women and men in the energy sector, this propells diverse perspectives which are vital for sustainable development.” Asserted Dr. Nakanwagi.


Dr. Susan not only showcased her expertise but also highlighted the university’s commitment to nurturing women’s talents in science and technology.

Accompanying her were 3 ambitious and talented female students from Nkumba University’s esteemed School of Sciences (SCOS). While sharing their experiences, the three unanimously noted with profoundness the significance of events like these in promoting gender equality and inspiring young women to pursue careers in energy-related fields.

Further, Racheal Mawa, a 2nd year Petroleum and Mineral Geoscience student at Nkumba University revealed that, “the main identified barriers for low participation of women in the energy sector appears to be the perception of gender roles, cultural and social norms and prevailing hiring practices,”

“Now that I participated in this Forum I learnt that I have to stick on my goals regardless of all these barriers I have listed above,” she added.

Racheal is one of the three students who accompanied Dr. Nakanwagi.

Nkumba University’s strong representation at the Women in Energy Forum and Dinner is a great achievement and a testament to the University’s commitment to promoting gender equity and empowering women in the energy sector.

The event was an important opportunity for women working in the industry to share their experiences and insights and to discuss the challenges and opportunities they face.


The energy sector is a critical industry that plays a vital role in the development of any country. However, women are often underrepresented in the sector, particularly in leadership positions. This forum was an important step towards addressing this issue and creating more opportunities for women in the industry.

She commended Nkumba University’s commitment to empowering women, encouraging other academic institutions and organizations to follow suit.

Nkumba University’s active participation at the Women in Energy Forum and Dinner not only reinforces the institution’s dedication to empowering women but also raises its profile as a leading academic institution focused on promoting gender equality and excellence in education. Dr. Nakanwagi’s leadership and the impressive performance of the female student delegation from SCOS have set a new benchmark, inspiring and motivating aspiring young women to break barriers and create a more inclusive energy industry.

As the event drew to a close, it was evident that Nkumba University’s representation had made a resounding impact, serving as a testament to the remarkable potential of women in the energy sector. Dr. Susan Nakanwagi’s dynamic leadership and the dedication of Nkumba University’s female students have undoubtedly contributed to shaping a brighter and more inclusive future for the industry.

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