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Fr. Haman Preaches Faith as Catholic Community Installs New Leadership

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Joan Peace Adomat 

Nkumba university witnessed a momentous occasion that will forever be etched in the hearts of the Catholic community of Nkumba.

On Sunday 14th May, 2023 saw the eagerly anticipated handover ceremony of new leaders take place under the benovelent guidance of father Haman Zziwa Musasizi, the esteemed head of the Catholic chaplaincy of Nkumba University.

The day commenced with a sacred Aura of the faithful gathered in the community church seeking blessings for the incoming leaders.

Anticipation hung in the air blending with the gentle strains of hymns that echoed through the sacred space. Father Zziwa commenced the holy sacrifice of mass, his presence commanding reverence.

With an encouraging voice, the Man of God delivered a heart felt sermon emphasizing the importance of faith and recitations of the Rosary plus other religious books as the shepherds the flocked. His words resonated deeply weaving dedication , service and faith .

Upon summarizing the sermon, Father Haman called the in coming leaders for the swearing in ceremony as they commence their tenure. Blessings were bestowed unto the anointed leaders as a sense of purpose and responsibility settled upon their shoulders. He encouraged them to embrace this noble calling with humility and Joy.

With a paternal smile, He then blessed them one by one calling upon the divine spirits to lead them as the congregation accompanied the swearing in with hymns envoking the intervation of the heavenly spirits into their lives.

Father Zziwa not only blessed the in coming leaders but he also blessed the mothers of the community present at the sacrifice of mass because it was mother’s day world wide, “and not recognizing the roles they play in our day to day lives would be unfair and unjust.” He said

The mothers came forward , hands clasped, headsbowed kneeling before the holy chapel seeking for blessings as the Father sprinkled holy water on them praising them for the good work, ” we celebrate you our beautiful mother’s today, the world remembers you for your hard work, efforts and we continue to pray for the mothers and souls in pargatory that the blessed Lord may have mercy on them.” Prayed Father Haman.

After the Mass , the joyful gathering moved to the shores of kitinda beach, approximately 2 Killometer away from Nkumba University where nature harmonized the jubilant spirit of the in an occasion of celebration.

The sun cast a warm glow over the festivities amplifying the sense of unity , laughter and conversation reveled the shared bond. Before any witnessing the rest of the occasion, Lunch was served.


Father, ever the guiding light, moved amongst the gathering , his words of wisdom and encouragement kindling fires of passion within the hearts . Being the guest of honor awarded certificates to the worthy leaders of out going cabinet praising them for the tremendous work performed and now had to pass it on to the next leaders.

The ceremony was accompanied by performances like cultural dances, skits, karaoke among others. The waves provided a soothing drop to the function .

Before the cutting of the long awaited cake to cap the ceremony, Father Zziwa with gratitude in his eyes spoke of his belief in potential of the new leaders and the possibilities that lay ahead of the Catholic community of Nkumba.

The event concluded with the guests having a taste of the cake and a heart felt prayer envoking divine guidance and protection for the path that lay before them and the continuity of unity amongst them. After the prayer, the young, old, youth, dance to their hearts contempt.

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