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I am that accommodative leader that Nkumba needs now – Sharif

Amidst political divides, Nkumba University Guild Presidential aspirant, Sharif Ssebina has proclaimed himself as the kind of leader that Nkumba University may need now to summon unity and bolster academic excellence.

In an interview on Wednesday last week, Sharif revealed that the current political tensions are most likely to leave residues of political divide but it will take a liberal mind to keenly revive unity through optimal reconciliation.

The calm but linguistically definitive lad believes that his ability to engage with all tribes, Flexibility to indulge different religious dominions blended with his interpersonal skills make him stand out as an accommodative leader who will deliver the Nkumba that works for all.

Keen on his word, the incumbent president of Nkumba University law society observes that Nkumba University’s history is tailored on inclusiveness, “Going partisan betrays the efforts of those that came before us, Our forefathers constituted this great varsity to accommodate everyone regardless of tribe, religious denominations or political affiliation.”

Adding that, “it is only through knowing our history that we will be able to devise means for the success of our institution, it will take us adhesive unity to deliver that success.” He asserted.

Sharif claims that he has what it takes to change affairs at Nkumba.

“I am hard working, consistent, and persistent. I am a believer and a team leader, I say, no one has prepared themselves to serve, I have, no one is willing to listen, I am, no one understands your creed, I do, therefore, support our creed, join us for this historic Victory.”

Sharif also believes that the odds are in his camp’s favour following the election postponement

Ssebina Sharif is a third-year law student who many believe is a tested candidate rightly eminent to deliver as guild president.

He is among the 5 independent candidates battling against NRM and NUP’s flag bearers to become Nkumba university’s 27th guild president.

As Nkumba University heads to the polls on 29th October 2022, all the 7 candidates still have an uphill task to table a convincing manifesto that will suit the student’s taste.

Simon Peter Nashonji
Simon Peter Nashonji
Nashonji Simon Peter is a passionate communicator, armed with a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication and currently moving closer to obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Public Relations at Nkumba University. Alongside his academic pursuits, Nashonji assumes the vital position of chief Editor for Nkumba University's News Website, news.nkumbauniversity.ac.ug, where he plays an instrumental role in shaping and delivering well grounded content to the university community and beyond. Driven by an unwavering commitment to his craft, Nashonji possesses a diverse range of knowledge and skills sets that render him an invaluable asset to any media-related venture. His passion for excellence and keen eye for detail set him apart, making him a true asset in the world of communication.


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