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Battling Global Violence Against the Girl Child

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By Buganzi Lyton.

In a world that often touts progress and modernity, a dark and distressing reality persists, the girl child continues to bear the brunt of global violence.

Despite longstanding international legal measures aimed at safeguarding their rights, countless acts of brutality and neglect target girls every single day.

From forced marriages to sexual harassment in schools and workplaces, the girl child remains vulnerable, unable to legally consent to partnerships that rob them of their innocence.

A deeper look reveals the harrowing reality of female genital mutilation, human trafficking, and commodification.

This pervasive violence knows no boundaries, transcending continents, social classes, and governments. It is time to acknowledge this dire situation and recommit ourselves to ending the cycle of suffering that engulfs the girl child.

For centuries, young girls barely stepping into adolescence have been subjected to the horrors of forced marriage.
The shackles of tradition and societal norms often bind them to men who hold the power and control. This cruel practice robs them of their childhood and traps them in a life of servitude.


Beyond this, the insidious specter of sexual harassment and abuse lurks in schools and workplaces, tainting environments that should be safe and nurturing.

The girl child’s voice is silenced, her dreams shattered, as she navigates a world that should be protecting her.

Even more horrifying are the practices of female genital mutilation (FGM) and human trafficking.

These atrocities mutilate bodies and souls, leaving lifelong scars. FGM is a violation of basic human rights, causing physical and psychological trauma that no child should endure.

Human trafficking turns innocent lives into commodities, traded and sold across borders, exploited as prostitutes or slaves. The very essence of childhood is stolen, leaving scars that may never heal.

A Global Epidemic. This violence knows no boundaries—it stretches across continents, affecting girls of every social and economic background. It’s not confined to a specific form of government or a particular region.
The girl child’s vulnerability unites us in the urgency of the battle against these injustices. Despite the promises of stronger legal frameworks and increased non-governmental assistance, the road to eradicating this violence remains long and challenging.


While the situation may seem bleak, there is hope. Education emerges as a potent weapon against this pervasive violence.

When girls are empowered with knowledge, they gain the tools to stand up for their rights and resist oppression.

Communities must join forces to break the cycle of violence and create safe spaces where the girl child can flourish.

Governments must rigorously enforce laws protecting their rights, and society at large must reject harmful norms and practices that perpetuate this cycle.

The global violence that disproportionately affects the girl child demands our attention, empathy, and action.
It’s time for a united front against the forces that seek to strip them of their innocence and potential.

We must strive for a world where every girl can grow without fear, where her dreams can take flight, and where her voice is heard and respected.

The promise of a brighter future for the girl child lies within our collective determination to break the chains of violence and foster an environment of equality, respect, and protection.

The writer is a student at St. Mary’s Secondary school Kitende. She is passionate about poetry and compelling story telling.

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