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Bleeding in affection,the bitter side of the Realm of love

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Sometimes it seems so right, other times turns out to be an error. I get thrilled with the fact that folks yearn for it regardless of the pain it bears. Like why desire tears down your chicks, why desire sleepless nights trying to battle down depressions, crying hard at dawn and when it shines, you force yourself shine with day. it’s the kind of trauma I wudnt wish for, for the rest of my existence.

l hear it’s a wonderful thing, wouldn’t argue at all if I was still like before, ignorant about the love issues. Or it’s only me who has been so unlucky that I licked affection at the bitter bloom of it , for the more I`ve desired for it, the more hurts I have acquired.

My definition of love changed the moment I tested it’s bitterness. Before, I viewed it at it’s bright side, not knowing that it’s also of the world, for everything in the world has its darker part.

With the philosophical understanding of love, that love is a strong affection and personal attachment towards the other, I got to open my spirit and heart towards it. It’s something I valued, I just loved the way I felt, the butterflies down my belly, everything seemed far too perfect when I was having the affection and every place felt like paradise.

But still can’t believe that the kind of thing I cherished is the very thing I resent badly now.

Love is so cunning, it tricks you reach out for it and a moment you fall for the trap, it closes leaving no room for you to escape, you suffer your whole life because even when you help yourself out , it leaves tracks, the MEMORIES.

It really amazes how such a sweet thing could turn into real hell in just a blink, just imagine those moments when you had just met your lover, the moments that were created, there was affection all over every boundary and everything felt like its alright as long as your there.

The truth is, me I can tell how gullible I was to think that it is forever. This is how it tricks you to surrendering your heart guards down, and when things alter, you suffer like your in hell.

Am not actually resenting love or affection, it’s something wonderful to own, there is serenity in being loved or having that someone who owns you at heart. Alot happens when you emotionally fall in love, its much like the sensation of feeling addicted to drugs, get addicted to that someone.

This is what I actually resent, why get addicted to something that turns into misery the moment you get to feel that it’s all that matters= to you.

The moment you get find of it’s world, it disappears. Are we to despise love itself or despise those through which love reaches us? You could find that it’s the people who initiate love to us, are the ones in wrong.

He or she comes into your life, makes you feel like no other, worthy, loved, needed, with the romances and charms, they lift you up so high, and after all that, they let you down.

So that is what am talking about, why get addicted to a person who might let you down in just second. As for me, I chose to always guard my heart, I have tested the pain and can’t withstand it ever again.Love makes you take a leap of faith in someone and they end up breaking your heart, I can’t take that in.

Literally, you got to chose self-love, maybe one day, you could find someone compatible with you. Loving tends to be excruciating sometimes but it’s the most wonderful thing to get hold of, that’s if you get the right one.

So in everything you do, pray the you land on the right love, Love without excuses and heartbreaks. It only needs patience, for real love comes to those who are ready for it.

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