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Guild Presidential Election Re-Run Set for 4th May

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The 30th Nkumba university Guild Presidential race ended in a tie after two candidates, Kasimba Noah and Benson Orisingura each garnered 381 votes from the 980 votes cast.

The Chairperson NU Electoral Commision, Herbert Maseruka evoked Article 23 clause 1(e) and declared an election re-run scheduled to take place on the 4th of May 2024 starting from 8am.

The Nkumba University Guild constitution Article 23 stipulates GENERAL ELECTIONS GUIDELINES and under
Clause 1 (e) vividly states that “Whenever there’s a tie in any guild Elections , elections shall be repeated for the candidates who have tied until one candidate obtains a simple majority.”

An election re-run, also known as a rematch or do-over election, occurs when the results of an initial election are inconclusive or tied, and a new election is held to break the tie and determine the winner.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of the process:

1. Initial Election: Voters cast their ballots, and the votes are counted.
2. Tie or Inconclusive Result: The votes are tied, or no candidate receives the required majority (e.g., 50% + 1 vote) to win the election outright.
3. Electoral Commission Intervention: The electoral commission or authority responsible for conducting the election declares a tie or inconclusive result and orders a re-run.
4. Re-Run Election: A new election is scheduled, usually within a short period (days or weeks) after the initial election.
5. Same Candidates: Typically, those at a “tie” in the initial election are allowed to engage in a re-run.
6. New Voting: Voters cast their ballots again, and the votes are counted.
7. Winner Determined: The candidate with the most votes in the re-run election is declared the winner.

The purpose of an election re-run is to ensure a clear and decisive outcome, giving voters another chance to choose their representative or leader. This process helps maintain the integrity and fairness of the electoral process.

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Japheth Godwin Walakira
Japheth Godwin Walakira
Japheth Godwin Walakira, is an exceptionally talented Journalism student at Nkumba University, specializing in photojournalism, video editing, and writing. With an acute eye for detail and an unwavering passion for storytelling, Japheth possesses a natural gift for capturing powerful images and crafting compelling narratives that captivate audiences. As a dedicated and skilled communicator, Japheth excels in collaborating with diverse teams to achieve common goals. His commitment to making a positive impact in the world of media is evident through his multifaceted roles. Not only is he a proficient Journalism student, but he also serves as the Public Relations Officer at the Rotaract Club of Nkumba University. Additionally, he holds the esteemed position of Information Minister for the School of Social Sciences at Nkumba University, showcasing his leadership and organizational skills. Furthermore, Japheth's influence extends to the realm of student governance, where he proudly serves as the Guild Information Minister at Nkumba University. His dedication, drive, and passion for media make him a standout individual, poised to create meaningful change and leave a lasting legacy in his field.


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