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Zziwa enters Noah’s Ark

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Independent candidate Zziwa Bashir emerged last in the guild presidential elections conducted last week on Saturday.

With both candidates Orisingura Benson Teeka and Noah Kasimba tying the latter was automatically eliminated according to article 23 clause 1(d) of the Nkumba elections guidelines.

Understanding that he was already out of the race, Zziwa Bashir and team had to choose which direction they should take .

On the very day Saturday 27,April, 2024, The WhatsApp group’s name of Zziwa Bashir’s camp was changed from “Zziwa Bashir for guild to “Kasiimba Noah for guild” something that was showing allegiance to his counterpart Noah Kasimba.

Zziwa further took another step meeting with presidential aspirant Noah Kasiimba and his faithfuls to officially join his camp.

This was witnessed by a number of Kasiimba Noah faithfuls who were in attendance that day who welcomed Zziwa Bashir with joy .

Noah’s camp also released an official statement to confirm that Zziwa Bashir had officially declared his allegiance with the ark.

“With Great Thanks to H.E Zziwa , We are very greatful and glad that our chances of the Crown for having H.E Noah as the Guild President come Saturday have been increased and greatly improved by the fact that H.E Zziwa and his lovely , intelligent and Inspiring Dedicated Team have Fully Joined us in the great Quest for the Throne and Journey of ENTRANCE into NOAH’S Ark ….”

“we are pleased to have their great support and we are now finally one family after we requested to have a brief meeting rather a conversation with them and we had a consensus of supporting each other and being on our side finally .”

” please let’s welcome H.E Zziwa and his lovely team to the Noah’s Ark and be assured of the Great win on SATURDAY, come all and vote Noah.”

The coming together of both camps is expected may bring a great shift in the coming elections and political commentators around Nkumba believe it’s a wise move by presidential aspirant Noah Kasiimba.

The guild presidential re elections will happen on Saturday 4th may 2024 where NRM candidate Orisingura Benson will go head to head with Noah Kasiimba .

The race will be a much anticipated one as many students are waiting to see what will put up a gap between these two something that failed to Happen in the past elections.

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