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I was inspired by my grandfather’s legacy- guild president elect Musaazi

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When recountingthe intricate tapestry of Uganda’s political history, the name Ignatius Kangave Musaazi is an indelible thread that weaves through its very fabric. He is hailed as the father of politics in Uganda, the visionary behind the formation of the first political party in the nation, the Uganda national Congress (UNC). His name stands tall, eternally etched among the most revered figures in Uganda’s political annals.

Ignatius Kangave Musaazi’s legacy in Uganda’s politics is an unending source of inspiration for many. However, perhaps no one has been more profoundly influenced by this legacy than his own grandson.
In an exclusive interview with Nkumba University few days before elections, Ignatius Kangave Musaazi, the recently elected guild president of Nkumba University, shared the deeply personal story of how his political journey was inspired by the illustrious legacy left behind by his grandfather.

“Initially, I had no aspirations for a career in politics. However, as the years passed, I grew up observing my parents’ involvement in politics, which led them to introduce me to the rich history and legacy of my grandfather. I couldn’t help but be deeply moved by his accomplishments,” he narrated.

“My grandfather accomplished a myriad of feats in the political arena in Uganda. His establishment of the first political party in Uganda and his pivotal role in the path to Uganda’s independence were monumental achievements, among many others. This legacy has been the cornerstone of my own political aspirations. Running in the guild presidential race, I hope to create a legacy at Nkumba University that mirrors his impact,” he passionately asserted.

In an intense guild presidential election, Ignatius Kangave Musaazi secured victory by registering 46.6% of the total votes, triumphing over Ruhinda Wilberforce of NRM, Musaasizi Nicklas of National Unity platform and another independent candidate Kebirungi Fridah.

He is now the 29th guild president of Nkumba university replacing Toka Victor Given who triumphed over Arthur ans eight others in last years election in a close contest.

Looking back to the history of Ignatius Kangave Musaazi the late,He was born in 1902 to a Gombola chief in Bulemezi, Musaazi’s educational journey took him through mission schools and eventually led him to St. Augustine’s School in Canterbury, England.

Upon his return to Uganda, he became a teacher, contributing to the education of many at King’s College Buddo. He ascended the ranks to the position of Inspector of Schools from 1935 to 1936.

Musaazi’s remarkable legacy includes founding the Peasants’ Farmers Volunteers Organization, later becoming the President of the Federation of African Farmers.
On March 20, 1952, Musaazi established the Uganda National Congress (U.N.C) as a response to the colonial era. Under his leadership, the U.N.C transcended tribal, regional, and religious divisions, demanding self-rule Wefor Uganda.

Musaazi’s U.N.C played a pivotal role in challenging European rule and exploitation, vehemently opposing the federation of the three East African states. His relentless efforts, including nationwide demonstrations and strikes, compelled the colonial government to contemplate granting independence to Uganda.

Under Musaazi’s guidance, U.N.C organized boycotts on non-African shops and vociferously condemned the deportation of Kabaka Edward Muteesa I to London in 1953.

In 1959, the U.N.C split into two wings, one led by Jolly Joe Kiwanuka and another anti-Buganda wing led by Obote. Musaazi, meanwhile, found himself in London, where he had been exiled by the colonial government.

The newly elected guild president, Ignatius Kangave Musaazi, bears the same name as his grandfather, a Whether he will leave an equivalent or nearly -equivalent legacy in the realm of politics, only time will tell.

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