Panic as Guild President Supends Prime Minister, and 2 others


Yvette Nakabiswa

Nkumba University Guild Government is on tenterhooks to explain circumstances under which the Guild Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. Benon Nseera and 2 Guild Ministers were suspended Yesterday.

The news of the Prime Minister’s suspension came to limelight last evening during a Cabinet meeting where the Guild president informed the house of his decision to relieve the premier off his duties on what he termed as incompetence and misconduct.

Nashonji Simon Peter, the Gorvernment Spokesperson who is also the Minister of Information confirmed the incidence in a letter asserting that the president has powers as inscribed under Article 8 of the Nkumba University Student’s Guild Constitution.

Letter from the Minister of Information notifying students about the suspension of the Prime Minister

This publication was able to access the suspension letter dated, 25th April-2023, adressed to the Prime Minister emeritus and copied to Guild Speaker, Chief Justice and the Dean of Students.

“After careful consideration of the situation and your performance as the Prime Minister, it has become clear that your actions have fallen below the standards expected of the Guild Prime Minister, your incompetence and misconduct have resulted in a failure to fulfill your duties and responsibilities to the Guild and Students of Nkumba University, which has forced my hand to act accordingly.” The letter reads in part.

The letter further indicates that the decision was drawn from article 8 (6) (a), (iii) of the Nkumba University Student’s Guild Constitution 2021(as amended), which empowers the Guild president to discipline or dismiss any Guild Minister who violates the principles and norms enshrined in the constitution.

The letter also directs the Prime Minister to hand over all duties and responsibilities that comes with his office to his Deputy, who will assume the role in acting capacity, citing an ultimatum which stipulates, “Failure to comply with this directive, will attract further disciplinary action, upto and including dismissal from office.”

For incompetence and misconduct, the Guild Constitution categorically guarantees removal of any Minister under Article 10, (7).


Subsequently, two Guild Ministers were also suspended on abdscondment from duty, these include the Minister for ICT and Innovation, Hon. Moga Martin and the Minister for Internship, Hon. Enoka Bahati. Both have not been in office or attended any cabinet meeting since appointment.

For the past 2 weeks there has been rumors of the possible sacking of the second in command at the helm of the Guild leadership after failing to deliver a report on the recently concluded Gender Based Violence (GBV) training which cost the entire University a chance to partake on this year’s GBV activities.

It has also been established that, the Prime Minister defied directives from the Guild president instructing him to write letters inviting the administrators for the recently concluded Student’s Guild Assembly which forced the Guild Government into last minute panic.

Public Announcement

Student’s recieved the news with mixed feelings.

Leader of the Pan-African movement at the Entebbe based higher institution of learning, Hon. Clinton Rukundo was not happy with the news, bitterly asserting that, “What law in this case did the prime breach, Did he steal funds? We are talking of the law and procedures of how the any member of the Guild can be sacked.”

Niklas, Musasizi, the President School of Social Sciences said, “As the leader of Gorvernment business, the Prime Minister is pivotal to the success of Government programs and activities, If that was the best decision for him to take, then I have no problem with it. He is the head for the students body and the guild council. So he has the right to act according to the constitution where applicable.”

By press time, it was not yet certain whether the Prime Minister will seek redress or concede to suspension.

Many say that the Guild Government is struggling to hold the center of leadership gravitation to a firm position which cast doubts on the competence of many other Ministers.

Ministerial woes continue to plague Guild Government as allowances also remain unpaid since the semester began which could be another demotivating factor on performance.



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