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Use Contraceptives And Avoid unplanned pregnancies- Doctors

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Doctors from Medical point have advised students of Nkumba University to consider contraceptives if they are to avoid unplanned pregnancies for purposes of achieving their academic dreams.

The family Medical point doctors said this yesterday, 4th November 2022 during the launch of a health awareness campaign dubbed ‘Achieve Your Dreams’ at the Guild Gardens- Nkumba University.

Family Medical Point is a non-governmental organisation laboring to increase access to healthcare services among deprived communities and schools through empowering women and girls.

Under the theme, ‘use contraceptives and avoid worries of unplanned pregnancies’, the lauch attracted over 200 students.

One of the Doctors analyzing samples drawn from a student

University diginitories in attendance included the Dean of Students, Mr. Christopher Kimuli , the Guild President-Elect, H.E Toka Victor Given, the incumbent Guild President H.E Lawrence Mushabe and the Cultural Minister, Hon. Prestige Rutebemberwa among others.

Activities included; counselling, Family planning advice, HIV tests, Sexually Transmitted Infections tests, dental examination and drug abuse awareness and sensitization.

Clinical Phycologist, Otim Amlyn from Serenity Centre tipped students on the dangers of drug abuse, their effects and palatable solutions. Serenity Centre is a peer agency partnering with Family Medical Point to bring drug abuse awareness to students and engage them on mental health related issues.

Family Medical Point Doctors emphasized that dreams can be achieved if the correct use of contraceptives is encouraged and myths surrounding their usage demysfied. “Most of these young people are losing their Academic dreams due to unwanted pregnancies, we can’t just ignore yet we have the solutions. We are here to ensure that students get it right. If they can’t use condoms, Fail to abstain atleast let them use contraceptives to avoid unwanted pregnancies” said Urnice Amon, the communication and programs Director at Family Medical Point.

A students under goes blood pressure examination.

Amon also noted that these issues are ignored for fear of reparations but silently affect the young people who are already sexually active. However by changing their mind through counseling and advising them on contraceptive usage, the number of unplanned pregnancies will reduce.”Since they are sexually active, we have realized that if promoted, contraceptives will help curb the issue of unplanned pregnancies which end up cutting short studet’s academic journeys. “Amon explained.

The Guild President-Elect, H.E Toka Victor Given was skeptical with the Doctors’ intervention approach on the issue of unplanned pregnancies but remained hopeful that advising students to take up contraceptive measures will not ruin their lives.
“We hope that this will not instead act as a catalyst for students to miss behave sexually with confidence that they are free from pregnancy stress. My appeal to all students is that; lets be responsible, let’s not waver from our academic goal, let’s make informed decisions about sex,” said Toka.

Speaking at the lauch, The incumbent Guild President-Nkumba University H.E Lawrence Mushabe observed that if students and young are empowered with measruse of controlling unplanned pregnancies, they are in away assured of having permanent solutions to unnecessary problems and worries.
“As we launch this health awareness campaign, let’s commit to a Uganda where no girl drops out of school due to unplanned pregnancies.”

H.E Mushabe also lauded Doctors from Medical Point for being considerate about student’s academic wellbeing and academic continuity.

Baganda Nkoba Zabogo teamed up with artist Harry Hype to entertain students behind the scene.

The campaign comes at the time when scores of girls are failing to achieve their academic dreams due to unplanned pregnancies. Reproductive health experts in Uganda say more teenage girls are now seeking contraceptive care, from 10% in 2019 to 19% now.  However campaigners warn the number of unwanted pregnancies is still high going by latest studies.

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