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Greatness has patterns

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Catherine Nalwanga

People don’t just wake up and say they are rich and they be so. No, there are patterns, principles or stages that are followed.

It’s funny how one could wake up and say “I am am the next big thing” and he or she is the same person who wakes up when the sun is already burning hot.

I mean how on earth can your expect to grow when you haven’t laid any foundation for that growth? How do you expect a crop to grow without any cause? Even those that grow without being planted only grow on the land that is fertile, meaning it is the fertile land that triggers it to come forth.

What is your foundation for your greatness? How have you aligned yourself for the biggest thing that your praying for? Weird thing is that many of you carry a mindset that what leads to victory or greatness is hardwork, yes it does lead you to your victory, but do you know that you can subject yourself to working so hard, put in all your efforts and still fail to achieve? It’s not because you did not work hard enough, sometimes it does not even require you to work hard, rather all that you need is to recognise the small mistakes that we repeatedly do that actually frustrate our victories.

For example, you have joined a race for leadership but, your this kind of person with a hot temper, the Askari of your home does only one slight mistake and he has already received a slap!

Like how do you expect God to trust you with a community, a city or a nation when you cannot control yourself while still dealing with only one person? Is lack of hard work still the cause of your failure or your hot temper instead? Or we say your having a very rude boss at work, that boss mighty be in wrong, but how have you handled yourself with him.

The respect you give your boss even in his weirdest situation could be the stepping stone to your success.

The route to success is not straight, it got patterns or stages in which you need to pass through and each levels carries a distinctive mark and wisdom that you need not to miss in order to step up to your next level of Success,

The core is in how you have handled yourself to become eligible for the next step.

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