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Nkumba University Inaugural E-paper: A Collection of Stories for Global Audience

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Nkumba University News has unveiled a new product to its audience. The first-ever Nkumba_University_News_E-paper is now available for download in a portable document format (pdf).


Nashonji Simon Peter, the Editor-in-Chief invites readers to turn the pages as they delve into a compilation of stories that shaped the narratives at Nkumba University between August and November 2023.


The highlight of this edition is the riveting accounts of the 25th Graduation of Nkumba University, hailed not only as the pinnacle of the semester but as the standout event of the entire year. The E-paper provides an exclusive look into the institution’s commitment to academic excellence with the celebration of its graduating class of 2023.


Diving beyond academics, the publication offers a glimpse into student activities, shedding light on the myriad of events and initiatives that enrich campus life. From study tours that expand beyond boarders to the Pepsi University Football League matches that kept everyone on the edge of their seats.


Venturing beyond the university’s borders, the E-paper captures the cultural significance of The Busoga Royal Wedding, an event that reverberated through the university community and beyond.


Committed to providing a well-rounded view, the publication unravels entertainment news and gives you a snippet into international news highlights, ensuring that you stay informed about the world beyond campus gates.


The Nkumba University E-paper, according to the Editor-in-Chief, is more than just a chronicle, “It is a reflection of the collective spirit that defines Nkumba University.”


As readers embark on this digital journey, they are invited to witness the unfolding stories from the source’s perspective, where they are not just informed but also connected to the pulsing aorta of Nkumba University.

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