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Leonard Mutesasira equips students with five principles of excellency at commencement lecture

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Nkumba university carried out its 22nd commencement lecture on a sunny evening at the nkumba university pitch at the main campus in Entebbe.

The commencement lecture was honoured by the vice chancellor, board of trustees, university council the graduands and different students both from nkumba university and entebbe parents school.

The theme of this years lecture was positioning oneself for excellency in the 21st century and the keynote speaker was Leonard Mutesaasira the executive director Rapid Advisory who shared knowledge to students in attendance on how they can excel in this world

Citing himself as an example Mr Mutesasira highlighted on how positioning himself made him achieve great in life.

“When i was at university i got a job as a cook at a construction company due to my deligence i was promoted as a painter and i was being paid well.when the building was being launched and the work was done the owners who were from the United States gave me a job to teach them to speak luganda and later they gave me an opportunity to go and study MBA in the united states where after sometime i ended up a visiting lecturer but this was all because i positioned myself well” He said.

In his speech, Mutesaasira highlighted on the five T’s Time, talent ,treasures,Team and trustworthiness as the major reason behind excellency and also elaborating on how some of these principles work .

“Time talent treasure team and trustworthiness, i believe if you embrace these five principles in your life you will excel wherever you go.”

“You need to learn to manage your time , you need to learn how to nurture your talent a talent that is not nurtured is wasted.you need to learn how to manage save atleeast 10% of everything you get such that when you hit a crisis you will not be embarrassed and also invest it and if you are to invest have a long-term sight don’t have hopes on a short term .” he said.

“For teamwork you need to a team to succeed , your team must include God, your spouse, important friends and also find yourself mentors in your respective field who will help tell the dangers of your experience before it happens you also need to be trustworthy if you are not you will not have people to help you incase of a crisis” he said.

Mr Mutesasasira concluded by thanking the Nkumba university administration for trusting him as the one to prepare the graduands into their next life.

The 2023 commencement lecture marks a total of 22 lectures of such a kind given to students to prepare them before graduation.

Last years commencement lecture was graced by Mr Peter Kimbowa who equiped students with
Academic excellence for practical competences in the fourth industrial revolution.

Nkumba university will have its 26th graduation tomorrow where a number of around 2000 students are expected to be awarded certificates, diplomas, degrees masters and Phds.

Leonard Mutesasiira is an Executive Director, Rapid Advisory Services
He has wrked as entrepreneur, investor, forester, visiting lecturer with experience in Africa, North America, Europe and Asia with a wide range of institutions including the Rapid Advisory Services Ltd, MicroSave, US Small Business Administration, CoreStates Bank, World Bank, USAID, DfID, UNDP and Eastern University (USA).

Since 2002 up to date he is serving as the Chairman/Executive Director of Rapid Advisory Services Ltd- boutique financial services company offering credit and alternative investment services to SMEs.

Leonard has worked as a Visiting Lecturer – Eastern University, Pennsylvania, USA – 1999 – 2002 – Business Development and Microfinance Courses to graduate business students. He served as Director of Research and Training – MicroSave 1998 – 2002 –provided technical support to over 18 financial institutions in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe with product development.

He worked as a MicroFinance Officer – UNDP –1997-1998 provided technical support to over 50 NGOs in the HIV prevention and poverty reduction campaign in all the districts in Uganda and a Loans Officer – 1994-1997 – US Small Business Administration, New York. Originated and packaged asset financing loans for SMEs and managed real estate development projects for urban revitalization.

He also worked as an Associate Consultant – CoreStates Bank- 1993-1994 – Worked with Vice President for Community Re-investment in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA focusing on urban revitalization. Factory worker – Ensoniq – 1990-1992 – worked on the factory floor for a professional music key board company.

As a Graduate Student – Eastern University, Pennsylvania, USA – 1990 to 1993 , he studied and worked as research assistant to various professors, worked on the factory floor.

He was a Manuscript Examiner/Editor – United Bible Society – 1987-1990- working with 6 teams of bible translators in six Ugandan languages to assure quality and consistency of translated works.

He holds MBA – Eastern University, Pennsylvania, USA 1994

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