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Muhakanizi, a man with a silent outstanding Legacy

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On thursday, Keith Muhakanizi who has been the permanent secretary in the office of the prime minister parted ways with the mortal realm.

Muhakanizi succumbed to cancer in Milan , Italy where he had been taken to receive better treatment .

While many knowing about him at a time of his death, Muhakanizi was a man with a big silent Legacy.

Muhakanizi was born by an evangelical father and a an ardent religious mother in a family of four boys and three girls.

His father was a pioneer of evangelism and Rujumbura area and later spread his evangelical work throughout East Africa.

His parents also carried out different activities in the area including building schools , health centers as well as pioneering the best methods of farming in the region.

Despite studying up to only primary four, his father managed to serve as a headteacher for many years before he became a fulltime minister .

His mother however did not have a taste of any classroom but she was an exemplary leader in society and a pioneer in Rujumbura area.

On this foundation, they managed to raise a pioneer and an expert in the field of ecomomics in Keith Muhakanizi .

Muhakanikizi’s is first remembered in playing a central role in the 1990s in the formulation and implementation of ecomonic reforms that restored the macro -ecomomic stability in Uganda’s ecomomy.

Muhakanizi was also instrumental in successful implementation of the Finance Management Act an act which helped in strenthening budget management and accountability within the nation.

Muhakanizi also served on the bank of Uganda board ,worked with housing finance bank and also the East African Development bank.

During his tenure in the banking sector he is remembered for negotiating favorable terms for loans from international financial institutions such as the world bank and the African development bank.

These loans have supported critical infranstructure projects such as road construction and the expansion of the electricity grid which have helped to stimulate economic growth and improve the lives of Ugandans .

Under his leadership, the ministry has also introduced a medium term expenditure framework which is a planning tool that helps to ensure that government spending is aligned with national development priorities.

Muhakanizi also a strong advocate for the use of technology in improving service delivery and reducing corruption .

He oversaw the development of the integrated financial management system which has helped to automate financial processes and reduce the possibility of fraud.

Muhakanizi has amidst the iron sheets saga in the Office of the prime minister an issue which is still making a fuss within the nation.

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