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Never give up

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Adiang Anei Awan

How many times have you given up when what you’ve been working for is near you. How many times have you walked away when what you’ve been struggling for is few steps ahead of you.

In a race whenever we are chasing something, we tend to give up many times because of the highs lows that we find in the race.

For instance in our education journey many students tend to give up along the way, some see it as a very long journey of many years from nursery,primary,secondary and university.

There is no journey of success that will not involve Highs and lows. But should we just give up? No.

Whenever it gets tougher, the tougher we should become. The only way to perservere through the journey of success is by adapting to every situation we go through.

We should know that all we go through is the secret story of our success and so we should stay aligned to the purpose.

History talks about Thomas Edison the first man to invent a bulb, . It is said that him and his team used a number of three thousand theories working tirelessly for around two years.

Edison failed for 999 times before succeding on the 1,000 times to be recorded in history as the first man to make a bulb.

What Kept Edison going i think is vision. He knew where his focus was and so could not give up.

He could not care about how many times he failed but he kept pushing, he kept believing and he never gave up.

Aside from Edison there are many other stories of different people we look at when it comes to never giving up and persistence on their dreams.
but he kept pushing, he kept believing and he never gave up.

Abraham Lincoln is another name we can talk about failing in business in 1831,suffering a nervous breakdown in 1836,defeated in his run for president jn 1856,Lincoln would be expected to give up.

However Lincoln used these failures as his motivation . Lincoln returned for presidency in 1861 and was voted 16 th president of the United States of America.

When we are talking about the film industry, Steven spielberg is a name that many are more familiar with.

Despite being regarded as one of the most influential filmmakers of all time,it is surprising that he had poor grades in high school getting him rejected from the University of Southern California three times.

During his time in college he caught the eye of executives at Universal who signed him as a television director in 1969.”

For more click here.

All their stories would not be a success if they gave up along the way. The wat is tough and rough .

But we should use it as a lesson to the future.

Despite the hardship along the way,the frustrations, the problems, lets stay focuse on our goal and never give up.

There is nothing great we will ever achieve without going through the hard way.

When it gets tough,lets get tough,when it feels impossible lets feel its possible,when we feel we cant walk on lets do walk on.

Believe ,Trust the process and Never give up

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