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Nkumba decides 2024: Early turnup sets stage for fierce competition

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over 100 students arrived at SCOS Hall promptly by 8:00 am to participate in the highly anticipated guild elections.

Voting has commenced precisely at 9:15 am, with eager students lining up with their student IDs or blue cards in hand to cast their votes.

The race for presidency features three formidable contenders: Kasimba Noah, Orisingura Benson Teeka, and Zziwa Bashir.

Each candidate brings their unique vision and platform to the forefront, promising to lead the university into a new era of progress and prosperity.

As the day unfolds, all eyes are firmly fixed on the SCIAD Hall, where the outcome of this closely watched election will be decided.

According to electoral commission, by around 4 :00pm ,voting will be closed and by the end of today new leaders for Nkumba will be known .

Nkumba university news will keep you updated

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