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Nkumba decides 2024: Two candidates tie, re – election next week

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The 30th Nkumba university guild Presidential race has ended in a tie after two candidates clinched the same number of votes.

Kasimba Noah from the school of Business Administration and NRM Candidate Benson Orisingura Teeka have each picked up 381 votes from the 980 votes cast. Their counterpart Zziwa Bashir only picking 185 votes.

The announcement made by the Electoral Commission Chairperson , Mr. Herbert Maseruka caused commotion and discussion about how could such a thing happen.

It’s on this note that Mr. Maseruka evoked Article 23 clause 1(d) of the General elections guidelines which states that, “whenever there is a tie in any guild elections, elections shall be repeated for the candidates who have tied until one candidate obtains a simple majority.”

The chairperson electoral commission therefore announced that elections will happen again later next week.

With this clause, Zziwa Bashir was already out of the race something which made Zziwa’s camp to make a decision and join Kasimba Noah side .

This action was evidenced by the changing of Zziwa Bashir’s WhatsApp group from “Zziwa Bashir for guild” to “Kasimba Noah for guild”.

It took over 30 minutes for the supporters of the tied two to believe the outcome claiming it’s an impossible historical turn of events they have never witnessed before.

The re election therefore is expected on a date next week to be confirmed by the electoral commission.

The incident is the very first of the kind in Nkumba politics.

Total number of votes cast
Noah Kasimba 381( 40.2%)
Benson Orisingura 381 (40.2%)
Zziwa Bashir 185 ( 19.5)
Invalid 33

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