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Nkumba University Guild MPs Vetted Amidst Mixed Reactions.

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In a bid to ensure transparency and efficiency in student governance, Nkumba University today embarked on a vetting process for its members of parliament Candidates who were tasked with explaining their roles and presenting essential credentials.

Walugembe Sulaiman, a vetted Minister of the School of Law, emphasized the importance of this vetting process to them who are taking steps in becoming leaders stating that it serves as a stepping ground for the tasks ahead. He highlighted that simple questions were asked to determine suitability for the position and readiness to serve the students effectively.

The Chairperson Masereke Herbert of the Nkumba University Electoral Commission echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the significance of the interview process in ensuring qualified leadership.

However, amidst the vetting process, concerns arose regarding delays and poor time management. Kasita Fred the Attorney General on the electoral commission committee, faulted some MPs for their alleged unpreparedness, which resulted in setbacks during the proceedings. Despite the challenges, electoral commission granted additional time to ensure fairness.

The Attorney General further urged ministers to prioritize effective planning to serve students efficiently, emphasizing the importance of prompt preparation if at all goes well for them in the upcoming elections.

As the electoral commission duties continue, students are expecting the release of a final list of successful candidates by close of business tomorrow.

In a letter addressed to the student fraternity, the Electoral Commission reiterated the importance of the vetting process and called upon all nominated candidates to participate for the selection of student leaders.

With the vetting process underway, Nkumba University anticipates a fair and transparent selection of its student representatives, ensuring effective governance and representation within the institution.


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