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Three candidates vetted successfully for guild presidency

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Nabisere Leilah Shamirah,

Three candidates  have successfully gone  through the vetting process conducted by the Nkumba university electoral commission ahead of the guild elections.

The candidates included Kasimba Noah of School of Business Administration, Zziwa Bashir from the school of Law and Benson Orisingura Teeka from the school of Law.

The vetting process started at 12:00pm headed by the chairperson electoral Herbert Maseruka and his committee.

The activity also saw attendance of the Dean of Students Mr Christopher Kimuli.

Zziwa Bashir was the first candidate to be vetted, with challenging questions about his leadership abilities and competence Zziwa managed to stand tall and answer all questions with confidence.

Kasimba Noah ventured at 2:00pm. Noah also highlighted on his abilities and convinced the electoral commission panel about his eligibility for the much anticipated role.

Last to be vetted was NRM’s Benson Orisingura being the most vibrant candidate in this race, Benson arrived amidst chants and songs from his supporters.

With his eloquence, Benson managed to highlight on why he is the best candidate in this race.

in a letter released by the electoral commission chairperson Masereka Herbert, he confirmed the success of the process and wished the contestants well in their campaigns.

“We congratulate these Candidates for their successful to their campaign stage their passion and commitment to serving the students body at Nkumba university were evident during the vetting process.”He released

The climax of the Nkumba university guild elections will be next week on Saturday where the Nkumba university students will put in place their new leader.

However before 27th the candidates will first go through the external debate on Urban TV, the Internal debate in TS1 and open air campaigns on the eve of the elections.

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