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Nkumba university news opens opinion polls ahead of guild elections

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For the third time in a   row, Nkumba university news has opened up  opinion polls  ahead  of Saturday guild elections.


The polls include three guild presidential candidates that are in this year’s race Kasimba Noah (independent), Zziwa Bashir (independent)and Benson Orisingura (NRM)

The polls will run up to  thursday and this website will declare the winner of the polls on that very day.

By press time, Zziwa Bashir was still in the lead with 41% on around 200 votes cast.

For the last two years whoever has won the Nkumba university news opinion polls has emerged the winner of the general elections.

Starting with Toka Victor Given in 2022 and Ignatius Kangave Musaazi in 2023.

This year’s elections will take place on Saturday 27th April where Nkumba university students will decide their next leaders.

Today 22 April, the electoral commission has vetted the Members of Parliament for the different schools and categories.

On Friday 19th three guild Presidential candidates were successfully vetted .

Nkumba university news will keep you updated in these ongoing elections.

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