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Nkumba University Team Excite Living Hope Christian High School Students

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Living Hope Christian High School students were given a taste of university life when the Nkumba University News team made an appearance at their entertainment event, hosted by the school’s writers club.

Over 300 students gathered in the School’s main hall to enjoy a variety of entertainment, including bottle flipping, poem recitals, singing, and dancing. Winners walked away with gifts.

Presiding over the mini-competition, Mwanje Gideon, the Law Society president who is also a columnist with Nkumba University News thanked students for embracing such activities, “I was overwhelmed by your talent, you are on the right course, keep it up. “

Law school’s Mwanje Gideon addressing student minutes before announcing winners.

The event reached its climax with a radio simulation show, where host Nakawesa Christine interviewed studio guest, Tendo Job Prosper about his personal life.

Christine Namaganda, the radio show host, commended the Nkumba University News team for inspiring the students. “I am excited that Nkumba University is here. When people of this stature speak to us, we are inspired to work hard,” she said.

Namaganda also mentioned that the event made her reconsider her career plans, After this, I am thinking I should pursue media studies instead of accounting.”

Tendo Job Prosper during radio studio similation

The writers club at Living Hope Secondary School is a group of students dedicated to gathering, compiling, and disseminating information within the school.

They partnered with the school’s Humanitarian Service Club-Intract to organize the entertainment show.

Simon Kalanzi, president of Writer’Club, was immensely gratified by the team from Nkumba University. “I am glad that Nkumba made it here. This alone inspires me to join this University. Engagements like these give us a picture of how it feels to be at University,”


Nashonji Simon Peter, the Nkumba University Guild Information Minister who also doubles as the Nkumba News Editor-in-Chief, appealed to Living Hope students to make the most of their school lives. “From the poems, singing, dancing, and radio show simulations, I see great media talent here. Please keep it up, practice, and those who write, we will keep in touch and always have your stories published on our news website,” he emphasized.

Living Hope is a Christian-founded institution located in Mpigi with a population of around 600 students.

Students couldn’t hold back the joy, excitement and laugher.
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