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Over 20 Ph.D Candidates Showcase Research Findings at Nkumba University’s Annual Conference

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Nkumba University’s prestigious Annual Ph.D. conference convened yesterday, drawing an impressive gathering of nearly 30 doctoral candidates.

Anchored on the theme “Nurturing a Culture of Postgraduate Research for Sustainable Development,” the event saw Ph.D. scholars presenting meticulously crafted research papers designed to advance knowledge and address real-world challenges.

At the conference, the candidates faced an intellectual grilling as panelists that included; Dr. Ann Abaho, Dr. John Paul Kasujja, Dr. Alex Barakagira, Dr. Tadeo Rusoke, Dr. Berchmans Byamukama, Dr. Pio Kiyingi, Professor Francis Kasekende, Professor Andrew Peters Yiga, and Professor Wilson Muyinda Mande queried, questioned, disapproved, and offered guidance to the candidates.


Panelists skillfully engaged the candidates, subjecting them to a series of probing questions, constructive criticism, and invaluable guidance. This dynamic interaction provided the candidates with an opportunity to refine their research methodologies and approaches.

The Director of Post-graduate Studies and Research, Associate Professor Solomon Muchwa Assimwe, extended heartfelt congratulations to all candidates who presented their research findings.

He emphasized the significance of their achievements, stating, “The certificate you are receiving today is concrete evidence of your participation in this academic conference. For those who were unable to present, I urge you to find a Ph.D. conference and seize the opportunity if you wish to graduate this year.”

Associate Professor, Solomon Muchwa Assimwe speaking at the conference.

The candidates included Nakimuli Mariam, Namusoke Margret, Barigye Assumpta, Evangelist Kahunzire, Kiyingi Martin, Dorothy Businge Kabugo, Josephine Ssirimuzaawo, Peter Kayizzi, Kenny Kehinde Onayemi, Kajura Annet Mugisha, Khadija Namara Assimwe, Adriko Moses, Charles Ivaibi, Atim Fiona, Alfred Ecega, Kenny Oyenema, Osman Karim, and Suleiman Bbosa among others.

In his concluding address, Professor Jude Lubega delivered an insightful caution against submitting work to paid-for journals, emphasizing the prevalence of predatory publications within the academic realm.

He urged the candidates to prioritize the peer-review process before publication, noting, “this practice increases the likelihood of gaining citations and recognition for your research endeavors.”

Professor Lubega enlightened the audience about the ongoing paradigm shift in research management guided by the National Council for Higher Education.

He revealed that the new regulation will require candidates to furnish evidence of supervision and the institution’s implementation of a robust research management system.

The audience attentively following events at the conference

Failing to meet these criteria, he warned, could lead to profound scrutiny of the research’s integrity.

“The new rules require candidates to provide evidence of supervision and the institution’s implementation of a management system for the research process, failure to verify these aspects may lead to critical questioning of your research.”

The Nkumba University’s Annual Ph.D. conference serves as a pivotal platform for Ph.D. students to share their research objectives, evaluations, findings, and recommendations.

By facilitating peer review and soliciting expert insights before publication, the conference effectively fosters a culture of postgraduate research aimed at providing thoroughly scrutinized papers that add value to the body of knowledge.

This happens every year, months before graduation.

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