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Students Show-case Mastery At the Art Exhibition

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It was an exquisite display of splendid art work tailored by students from school of Industrial Art and Design on Friday during the Art exhibition at Nkumba University.

The 2 day event had over 40 students show-case their art pieces including pencil, pen and charcoal curated drawings plus students’s tailored designer clothes as revellers gazed in amusement.

According to Eric Ssentamu, a lecturer at Nkumba University, starting this year, the School of Art and Industrial Design will be exhibiting students work as not only a marketing and promotional strategy but also help in identifying new talent.

“The university art gallery used to produce good art pieces but with time, the quality declined. We decided to revive the Exhibition culture so that we do not only market student’s art pieces but to also make other people admire what we produce and may be mimic us, in that way, we are certain we will get talent that is silently awaiting for opportunities like these and since the exhibition is open to both students and members of the public, we may land another talent through this,” said Eric Ssentamu.

Ssentamu added that this will also help students show the public their abilities and talent.

A student explaining the nitty-gritty he went through to come up with his art piece//Photo by Ainembabazi Chyna

Nanyonjo Favor, a Fashion and Textile Design student said that, “I always make new designs and am happy that such an exhibition was put up because it has given me a chance to showcase the world what I have made.”

“I have used this platform to learn from my fellow students and also get contacts from different people who might later become my clients.” She added.

A student displays her tailor made dress. //Photo by Ainembabazi Chyna

Medi Byakika, a second year Bachelors of Graphics and Communication Design student says that the exhibition has helped him compare notes with fellow artists at University level and is certain he is better placed to add value to his artistry.

“This is very good, I have learnt many things from my colleagues. Though such exhibitions help us get clients, we also inspire other people into becoming artists,” noted Byakika.

The organizers have asserted that this is just the beginning of an even better Art Exhibition with plans to have it ran every year.

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