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The Joy of joining campus versus the joy of finishing campus

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Truth be told for most of us it’s excitement while joining campus mostly your university .

That was my case joining university ,you desire to experience a new life , a life where you are not controlled like in high school.

Dressing without restrictions, having your phone in class all in all that freedom.

However it’s true this excitement mostly on my side. stopped immediately after my first year.

Starting from my second year I was thinking now what next, campus is interesting and now what I’m I gonna do next .

A lot kept on running in my mind at times which made me to come up with some business ideas to see how life can be sustained.

But sincerely speaking there is a certain excitement that draws towards third year ( for those studying three years)

You feel like now your going to venture into a new realm.

A realm where now your earning some money , you have a job you are not worried about coursework but fixing your mind on your future and what to do next.

Some excited about marriage and any related issues.

This excitement though is at many times objective and at times brings anxiety, it makes you worry a lot most of the times when you have no job opportunity waiting for you.

As I’ve been finishing my third year ,excitement has been drawn to me because of this but I can certainly say the excitement of joining campus is better.

Despite the fact that most of the things that bring our excitement literally don’t make sense, it’s really sweet.

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