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Zziwa Bashir and team carry out campus clean up ahead of presidential debate

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In a refreshing display of leadership and community engagement, Zziwa Bashir’s campaign for Guild President at Nkumba University is making waves with a focused approach on environmental responsibility. Amidst the hustle and bustle of campaign season, Zziwa’s team, alongside dedicated students armed with trash bags and gloves, spearheaded a cleaning initiative around the TS building on campus.

Namayanja Annete, one of the lead campaign managers, emphasized the deeper significance behind the clean-up effort, stating, “A clean campus reflects a strong community, and it is one of our strong points in Zziwa’s manifesto. A healthy environment is a healthy mind.”
Contrary to mere political posturing, this initiative is driven by a genuine desire to enhance the aesthetics of the shared learning environment, promote sustainability, and foster a sense of pride in the campus community.

The campaign’s commitment to environmental stewardship has not gone unnoticed, as it has garnered significant student support. Kabagire Florence, one of the University cleaners, expressed admiration for Zziwa’s hands-on approach, remarking, “It’s inspiring to see a candidate who’s willing to get their hands dirty.”

As internal debates loom ahead, Zziwa Bashir’s campaign sets a compelling precedent for responsible leadership and community involvement, transcending mere rhetoric to enact meaningful change within the campus environment.

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