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Uganda Loses Digital Marketing Expert John Babirukamu

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John Babirukamu, a leading figure in Uganda’s digital marketing industry, has died.

According to reports, Babirukamu jumped from a building in Kamwokya, Kampala, on Friday, May 31, 2024.

In a final message to his family, Babirukamu wrote, “I’m sorry for the trouble I’ve caused… I’ve tried my best, but now I feel empty.” He told his family he loved them and asked for their forgiveness, adding, “Please give my nieces and nephews a kiss from me. They were my last joy.”

Family members tried to reach Babirukamu, but his phone was off, and they couldn’t contact him.

Babirukamu’s death has shocked Uganda’s digital marketing community, where he was known for his creative ideas and successful work.

While at NBS, Babirukamu built a strong digital marketing team from scratch, making it one of Uganda’s most popular online brands.

He also worked at MTN and Metropolitan Republic, a marketing and advertising agency.

Colleagues and friends are remembering Babirukamu as a talented professional who made a big impact in Uganda’s marketing industry.

Police is working closely with relatives to establish the exact cause of his demise.

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Japheth Godwin Walakira
Japheth Godwin Walakira
Japheth Godwin Walakira, is an exceptionally talented Journalism student at Nkumba University, specializing in photojournalism, video editing, and writing. With an acute eye for detail and an unwavering passion for storytelling, Japheth possesses a natural gift for capturing powerful images and crafting compelling narratives that captivate audiences. As a dedicated and skilled communicator, Japheth excels in collaborating with diverse teams to achieve common goals. His commitment to making a positive impact in the world of media is evident through his multifaceted roles. Not only is he a proficient Journalism student, but he also serves as the Public Relations Officer at the Rotaract Club of Nkumba University. Additionally, he holds the esteemed position of Information Minister for the School of Social Sciences at Nkumba University, showcasing his leadership and organizational skills. Furthermore, Japheth's influence extends to the realm of student governance, where he proudly serves as the Guild Information Minister at Nkumba University. His dedication, drive, and passion for media make him a standout individual, poised to create meaningful change and leave a lasting legacy in his field.


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