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When Tables Turn: From Police To FDC Brutality

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Bright Amanya

Forum For Democratic Change (FDC) having been always prone to police brutality, a surprising turn of events unfolded at Najjanankumbi prompted by the party’s current political turbulence.

Tables had finally turned, as unidentified FDC supporters attacked journalists from inside the FDC headquarters on July 20th, 2023.

This unexpected twist caught the police off guard. The police force, accustomed to using brutality against FDC loyalists, must have felt a strange sense of relief when news broke regarding brutality this time not orchestrated by them.


I could imageine Assistant Inspector General of Police, Fred Enanga, taking a sigh of relief, after realizing that for once, they were not to blame.

It was unprecedented for the headlines and news stories to attribute the attack to “unidentified goons from inside the party headquarters.” This left many questioning whether the FDC had hired street gangs for security or if security forces had infiltrated the party.

FDC President, Patrick Oboi Amuriat, swiftly issued a press statement, assuring the media fraternity that the party would launch an investigation and hold those responsible accountable. However, skepticism lingered as such promises had been made in the past without concrete outcomes.

Enanga, on the other hand, narrowly escaped the arduous task of writing and reading another press statement on police brutality. It appeared that fate had spared him on this occasion.


As the assaulted journalists recovered from their ordeal and mourned their stolen belongings, the incident served as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by the profession.

Aspiring journalists like myself were left contemplating the occupational hazards that come with reporting the truth.

The sympathy extended to the victims extended to us as well, knowing that one day we may find ourselves in similar situations, navigating the treacherous waters of political unrest and suppression of press freedom.

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