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AI Image Generator Accidentally Alters User’s Race

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Lyadda Jonathan

A startling incident involving an AI image generator has brought attention to inherent biases within artificial intelligence systems.

Rona Wang, a 24-year-old Asian-American MIT graduate, recently discovered that the AI, intended to enhance and professionalize her headshot, instead transformed her appearance to resemble that of a white.

In an interview with Boston Globe, Wang expressed concern over such unintended consequences and called for increased awareness and mitigation of biases during the software development process.

“I was like, ‘Wow, does this thing think I should become white to look more professional?'” Wang told the Boston Globe, adding that she hopes that, ” I hope people making these software are conversant with these biases and thinking about ways to mitigate them.”⁠

Wang’s experience validates the urgent need for the technology industry to address bias and ensure fair and ethical AI development practices.


AI algorithms are trained on large datasets that can inadvertently contain biases present in society. These biases can manifest in various ways, from reinforcing stereotypes to making incorrect decisions that disproportionately affect certain groups.

Developers and researchers have been grappling with the issue of AI bias for years.

Cases like Wang’s are not isolated incidents, there have been numerous instances where AI systems have displayed racial, gender, and cultural biases in their outputs. These biases can arise from biased training data, flawed algorithms, or the lack of diverse perspectives during the development process.

The lack of diversity among AI developers and researchers is one of the factors contributing to bias in AI systems.

A more inclusive development process that involves individuals from different backgrounds and perspectives can lead to more equitable AI technologies.

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