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Coach Bbosa highlights on success journey at Thanksgiving luncheon

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By: Iryn Denise Nalunkuuma.

On the 20th of April 2024, Nkumba University’s football team, the Beach Boys, made history by becoming the champions of the University Football League. Their thrilling victory against Uganda Christian University (UCU) marked a significant achievement for the team and the university as a whole.

In recognition of this remarkable success, a thanksgiving and congratulatory dinner was organized at the main campus in Entebbe on the 24th of April to honor Coach Sulaiman Bbosa and the Nkumba Beach Boys.


During the dinner, Coach Sulaiman Bbosa expressed his gratitude and reflected on the journey that led to this momentous victory. He began by acknowledging the support he received from Mr. Ssebuliba, who had recruited him to the university.

Coach Bbosa shared his passion for football and the challenges involved in managing a team, stating, “Football is like a passion. It can make people cry. Football is a game of events—today you win, tomorrow you lose.”

The path to the championship was not without its hurdles. Coach Bbosa recalled their initial encounter with the league, where they reached the quarterfinals but lost to UCU. Despite the setbacks, he emphasized the importance of perseverance and the support from the university’s structure. “If you want to become poor, start a football team; there’s so much money involved,” he said, highlighting the financial challenges of managing a football team.

Coach Bbosa praised the determination and resilience of his players, sharing two notable moments from their journey. The first was a difficult game against Gulu University, where two of their players almost suffered serious injuries. Despite the obstacles, the Beach Boys managed to score two goals in the first half. The second memorable game was against Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi, where a last-minute goal pushed them into the final. The coach credited their success to the team’s unity and the support from management.

Special recognition was given to the team’s goalkeeper, whom Coach Bbosa described as the standout player of the tournament. “This man is a villager, but he really stood out in this tournament and did a very good and commendable job. Above all, he is very hardworking,” the coach remarked.

In his speech, Coach Bbosa thanked Mr. Kabogoza and the South Sudanese fraternity for their support. He also acknowledged the vital role of supporters, referring to them as the “12th player.” He stressed the importance of recognizing and appreciating their contributions to building a strong team.

Furthermore, Coach Bbosa extended his gratitude to the university’s management, stakeholders, and sponsors, including Vision Group, Bukedde, Urban TV, and Pepsi, for their support throughout the tournament. The dinner served as an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and dedication of everyone involved in the Beach Boys’ success.

The team’s captain, Kennedy Sewankambo, addressed the press and media, expressing his appreciation for the support they received. “I want to thank everyone for their support and the whole fraternity for standing with us through this whole tournament,” he said.

The thanksgiving dinner was a fitting tribute to the Nkumba University Beach Boys and their remarkable journey to becoming champions of the University Football League. As they look to the future, the team’s resilience and will undoubtedly continue to drive their success.

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