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Zziwa Bashir emerges winner of the guild presidential opinion polls

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Independent candidate Zziwa Bashir from the school of Law has emerged winner of the opinion polls conducted by Nkumba university news.

Zziwa won with 41.4% and 235 votes out of 567 Students that voted.

However Zziwa was closely contested by NRM Candidate Benson Orisingura who got a percentage of 40.6 and 230 votes

Kasimba Noah came last with 102 votes which is 18% of the total votes.

It should be noted that for the past two elections whoever has emerged winner in the Nkumba university news opinion polls has won the final elections.

First Toka Victor Given and then Ignatius Kangave Musaazi the question is will Zziwa do the same?

The campaign period will climax tomorrow with open air campaigns before Nkumba university students officially go to polls on Saturday 27th, April 2024 to vote for their new leaders amidst the switching of the voting period from the traditional September/ October to a redefined April/ May.

The winner of the race will replace Ignatius Kangave Musaazi who won last year’s guild presidential race

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Eliot Owen Ojambo
Eliot Owen Ojambo
Eliot Owen Ojambo is a third year journalism student, a at Nkumba University he is the head of sports Nkumba university news and also an editor , He is also an public relations practitioner, social media manager and marketing strategist


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