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Kaliro Residents Benefit from UCC Digital Skills Training Program

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Close to 150 residents of Londe B ward, Bulumba town council in Kaliro district have benefited from a two-day Uganda Communications Commission digital skilling training program that took place on the 4th and 5th of April 2024 at Joker’s Hotel – Kaliro.

Conducted by IT Experts from Nkumba University, Participants were drawn to understanding basic skills in the use of IT devices to access E-Government services including making online tax payments, e-passport applications, driving permit applications, online transactions, and E-Agro-Business services.

Residents of Kaliro during day 1 of the training
Residents of Kaliro during day 1 of the training at Joker’s Hotel

Naikazi Christine, a resident of Londe B ward in Bulumba town council said the training opened her eyes to what smart gadgets are capable of doing, “I always fear touching a computer, but today I had the confidence because at least there was someone to guide me, I learnt how to create a document on a computer and also realized that with the internet, I can access services like marketing my agricultural goods on Facebook and other social media platforms.”

Naikazi is a mother of 2 who believes that with the rate at which the world is evolving digitally, one ought to keep abreast of digital trends for easy access to government services and most importantly, information.

Code named, “Digital Skills Development of Rural Unserved and Underserved Communities” the training seeks to enhance ICT services uptake in rural areas of the country.

While demystifying “Rural Unserved and Underserved”, Mr. Joseph Lwevuze, the Eastern Region Training Team Lead said, “When we say underserved, we mean people with digital gadgets but can’t fully utilize their potential, and the unserved are those who may have the ability to own one but don’t see the need to. however, with this training, we are looking at not only equipping the populace with the skills but also opening people’s eyes on the potentials of digital devices.”

The team will spend a month training at least 2,500 community members in the selected villages and districts of Kaliro, Budaka, Tororo, Paliisa, Butaleja, Namisindwa, Kaliro, Kibuku, and Sironko.

Nkumba University was contracted by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) under the Uganda Communications Universal Service Access Fund (UCUSAF) to execute a digital skilling project in the rural parts of the country.

Prof. Jude Lubega, the University Vice Chancellor says, a digitally enabled Uganda is a financially enabled Uganda, “Digital skilling is very important for the Digital economy, and Nkumba University is proud to have partnered with Uganda Communications to bridge the gap.” notes Prof. Jude Lubega.

Uganda Communications Commission maintains that the digital skills and competencies of citizens are a significant aspect of a community, especially in rural areas. “Digital literacy increases social inclusion and offers working and business opportunities, as well as helping to simplify people’s everyday lives.”

To ensure that everyone can engage in and benefit from the digital economy and adapt rapidly to new and unexpected occupations and skill needs, the Uganda Communications Commission continues to put in place education and training systems that place a stronger emphasis on promoting ICT generic skills, ICT specialist skills, and ICT complementary skills, including foundational skills, digital literacy, higher-order critical thinking skills, as well as social and emotional skills.

The digital skilling program is part of the Uganda Communication Commission’s efforts to address limited access to and use of digital technologies in the rural parts of the country which is associated with a lack of digital skills.



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Simon Peter Nashonji
Simon Peter Nashonji
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