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Kambugu Benjamin- Journalism student with big music dreams

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When you are talking music in Nkumba University,Benjamin Kambugu is a name you cannot leave aside.

Benjamin is pursuing a Bachelors in Journalism and Public relations at Nkumba University and is in his second year.

Despite having dreams to feature on the best media houses in and outside the nation, He also has a music career which he needs to accomplish.

While speaking to Nkumba University news, Benjamin said that he was inspired by the lifestyle of different music stars in addition to his passion for music which he believes he was born with.

” Iwas inspired by the fame of the different music artists their lifestyle and their different achievements.”

“But i can say there is that its passion above all its passion. In every musician and any talented person’s life there is always that passion which is inborn. You feel it inside of you something you cant leave without it.”

Despite having this fire inside him from childhood, Benjamin began his music career in 2019 while in his high school with a freestyle song Zzina that became a banger at his then his school St Noa Mawaggali.

Benjamin has now gone on to record over 11 songs which include Weekend ,Campus life,Tuli Uganda. Click here to listen to his music.

In Nkumba he became so famous with his banger last year during elections known as ‘Tukopa Moja’ but which many called’ Sharif Tumuwagile’ a song that became everyones song in various hostels.

Benjamin says that Eddy Kenzo was his first inspiration. His song Zivuga which he heard in primary five made him believe more and more.

Benjamin believes that he can reach where he dreams to be being inspired by the different artists that have all started small.

” I believe i will reach there . Many of our artists also started small . Like Eddy Kenzo ,his story inspires me he started small but look where he is. He is nominated in grammys look where he is .” He said.

Benjamin has also achieved different things in music career . He says atleast he is connected somewhere he has met sime big names both important his music and journalism careers.

“Ive met big people for example ive been with Ssuna Ben . I oftenly interact with him. Many people now my friends because of what i do.”

Benjamin believes in himself and he believes in years to come he will be a name many will talk about across the world.


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