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The Mpigi trip met our expectations -Muwonge

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Akello Colleta Odwongo

Muwonge Deus the speaker of Nkumba University Nkobazambogo club has revealed that they met their expectations in their much anticipated Nkobazambogo trip.

The trip happened this weekend on 17 and 18th where a number of 23 students flocked to areas of Mpigi and Masaka to discover more about the Buganda culture.

While speaking to Nkumba University news, Muwonge asserted that their experience met their expectations.

“What an experience we had. I can say it is equivalent to what we expected or even more. We managed to visit all places on our schedule like Kiggwa kya Bengo,Kiggwa kya be Ndiga .”

We also carried out all the activities that were planned like community service and also the Kyoto . It is no doubt it is the trip we expected.”

Muwonge also thanked his fellow Nkobazambogo executive leaders and the Nkumba University administration for the efforts availed in the trip.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the leaders of Nkobazambogo and the Nkumba University administration for supporting us. All leaders invested in everything, spent most of their time a week before the journey preparing for it.”

” On behalf of the Nkobazambogo executive I also thank all members of Nkobazambogo who were supportive and all that managed to go for the trip.”

This years edition of the Nkobazambogo trip is among the many trips organised for students to connect with the Buganda ancestry by visiting many Buganda places.

The trip is also meant to bring together Baganda Nkobazambogo students from different universities.

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