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Law Society Leaders Inspire Budo S.S and Kisozi High School Candidates

Nkumba University Law Society (NULS) took their mission of knowledge sharing to Budo and Kisozi Secondary Schools yesterday, 21st June 2023. The visit aimed at engaging candidates on their career objectives as they hover through the last days of their high school.

The Law Society team comprised of the President, Chief Justice, Minister for Presidency, Minister of Education, and Her Deputy. A group of highly experienced individuals who justifiably imparted wisdom and guidance to the candidates.

The Nkumba University Law Society Team at Budo S.S

While addressing over 600 candidates at Budo Secondary School, Mwanje Gideon, also known as Batapa, the President of NULS and a former student of Budo S.S, shared his personal high school escapades. He candidly spoke about his academic trials and tribulations and how he overcame them to achieve an impressive 18 points at senior six.

Drawing on his own journey, Mwanje advised the students to develop the habit of self-assessment and avoid staying in their comfort zones. He emphasized the importance of being proactive and constantly striving for personal growth. “Be up to something every day; daily self-assessment will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses. Keep polishing your strengths, but, most importantly, don’t slumber in comfort – work on your weaknesses,” he advised.

Mwanje further urged the candidates to envision their future selves and consider careers that align with the demands of the job market. He stressed the significance of objective career analysis in making informed choices. “Remember to take objective career analysis seriously, as this will give you an idea of the job opportunities available out there. Make smart choices,” Mwanje added. He reminded the students that their journey is not over until they achieve their goals, and implored them to utilize their teachers, revise extensively, and be fully prepared for the uphill task ahead.

Law Society CJ. Imran Kigongo addressing Budo SS candidates.

The Director of Studies at Budo S.S, Mr. Senabulya, lauded the NULS team for taking time to inspire the candidates. He expressed his gratitude to Nkumba University for nurturing such commendable speakers who yearn to positively impact the younger generation.

In their continued efforts to guide students, the NULS team also visited Kisozi Secondary School, where they addressed over 100 candidates. Imran Lutakome Kigongo, the Chief Justice of the Law Society, expressed his appreciation to the school administration for granting them the opportunity to speak to the candidates.

Kigogo encouraged the candidates to actively engage in discussions, attend seminars, and take tests as they prepare themselves for the challenging road ahead. “The onus is on you to be outstanding,” he reminded the students.

Kisozi Secondary School Candidates attentive as CJ Imran Kigogo takes them through smart career choices.

In their final remarks, the NULS team extended an invitation to the candidates to consider Nkumba University for their academic journey. They highlighted the university’s favorable location and flexible programs as reasons to choose Nkumba University as their Academic institution of choice.

The visit by Nkumba University Law Society leaders to Budo and Kisozi Secondary Schools served as a moment of pure knowledge sharing and inspiration. The students received valuable guidance on shaping their career paths and were encouraged to strive for excellence. The Law Society leaders, with their vast experience and wisdom, left a lasting impact on the candidates, encouraging them to pursue their goals with diligence and determination.

Simon Peter Nashonji
Simon Peter Nashonji
Nashonji Simon Peter is a passionate communicator, armed with a Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication and currently moving closer to obtaining his Bachelor of Science in Journalism and Public Relations at Nkumba University. Alongside his academic pursuits, Nashonji assumes the vital position of chief Editor for Nkumba University's News Website, news.nkumbauniversity.ac.ug, where he plays an instrumental role in shaping and delivering well grounded content to the university community and beyond. Driven by an unwavering commitment to his craft, Nashonji possesses a diverse range of knowledge and skills sets that render him an invaluable asset to any media-related venture. His passion for excellence and keen eye for detail set him apart, making him a true asset in the world of communication.



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