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Nkumba decides 2024: Electoral Commission Releases Election Roadmap

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As the Guild Election Day draws closer, the Nkumba University Electoral Commission has released an official roadmap to guide applicants through the process as students prepare to exercise their civic rights.

According to the roadmap, the elections are scheduled to take place on April 27, 2024, at Nkumba University. Voter eligibility will include a 20% tuition payment and student’s Id. The roadmap also highlights the nitty-gritties required for one to contest for any position.

The electoral commission has utilized various platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, to inform students of the application process, requirements and voting eligibility. Applicants must meet specific criteria, including paying the nomination fee, submitting academic credentials with no outstanding papers, and meeting other requirements as outlined in the released document.

The document, signed by Mr. Masereka Herbert, Chairperson of the Nkumba University Electoral Commission, provides a clear outline of the election process and timelines. “This is meant to guide students who are interested in applying for the available positions, we therefore encourage all students to review the document and follow the guidelines to ensure a successful application process short of which, one will not be allowed to contest.” said Masereka.

This marks a significant milestone in the University’s democratic journey since guild elections have been pivotal in ushering in impactful student leadership for over two decades.

Since the University’s inception in 1994, guild elections have been held annually. Over the years, the elections have evolved, with changes in electoral laws and procedures aimed at enhancing transparency, accountability, and inclusivity.

In recent years, guild elections at Nkumba University have been characterized by increased student participation, vibrant campaigns, and a growing sense of student engagement in university affairs.

The 2022/2023 guild elections, which saw the election of the current guild president, were marked by a high turnout of over 70% of eligible voters, demonstrating the growing interest in student leadership and representation.

Against this backdrop, the 2024/2025 guild presidential elections promise to be a watershed moment in the university’s history.

As the university community looks forward to the elections, many are eager to see who will emerge as the next guild president and lead the student body for the 2024/2025 academic year.

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