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The Guild Presidential race:A four horse race,Who is Who

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Nkumba university willl be heading to the polls on the 16th of September mathematically a week from now to vote their new leaders.,.

However much attention is on the guild presidential race one which comprises of four candidates from three schools a great difference from last years race which contained nine candidates.

The four cañdidates in this race are first Kebirungi Fridah a second year Social works and sociàl administration student one with an aim of breaking the 8 year male domination as far as the guild presidential seat is concerned.

Fridah started pitying camps towards the end of last semester creating first a WhatsApp group as the first tool of engagement.

As the new semester resumed Fridah started in person campaigns moving inside campus and various hostels to ensure that she wins the hearts of the students of Nkumba.

Fridah comes with a slogan Building bridges and empowering voices where she aims at bridging the gap between students and lecturers , dismantling the communication barriers and also finding an antidote for the cultural divisions that have long plagued the university’s development.

Fridah also comes with a confidence of the legacy left by the former female guild presidents which include Zalwango Madinah who brought the school bus and Mirembe Ronah who brought an ambulance.

Second is National Unity Platform’s Nicklas Musaasizi a student of Social works and social administration and also the current president of the school of social sciences.

Nicklas showing interest for the guild presidential seat prior to the end of last semester engaging with students both online and on ground.

Musaasizi who is a political prowess having a political history that dating back to his primary years and running through all his levels of education is expected to be a real threat in this race by political analysts within Nkumba university.

Nicklas comes with a slogan heart for humanity where he hopes to look at every small situation affecting the students as a major situation trying to understand the feelings of each student and helping them accordingly.

He also lays much confidence in the people power movement a famous movement of his party National Unity platform which he believes is the right move for Nkumba University.

Third is Ignatius Kangave Musaazi a student of Information technology and systems from the school of Informatics.

Musaazi one whom politics flow through the deepest streams and veins of his blood being a grandson of Ignatius Kangave Musaazi one of the most respected political figures Uganda has ever produced and one who formed the first political party in Uganda.

Also being born by parents who have been in the field of politics ever since Musaazi’s birth one is right to assess that Musaazi has grew up in the realm of Politics .

Kangave was the very first to show interest in the guild presidential seat, starting to mobilise even before exams period last semester, and starting to pity camps one thing that made him become of the most sound names as far as the guild presidential race is concerned.

Musaazi decided to go independent àfter loosing to a one Wilberforce Ruhinda to the NRM ticket in the elections conducted by the NRM secretariat Nkumba Chapter.

He surfaces with a slogan Inclusion in diversity where he hopes to create a government that is inclusive to all students in the university no matter the race the school and course

The Fourth and last is Wilberforce Ruhinda a third year law student and one who beat Musaazi for the NRM ticket.

Political analysts around Nkumba accertain that he has been the most silent Candidate in the guild presidential race, coming in the race last and also not engaging so much with the students most especially in person campaigns compared to his counterparts.

However they also believe that being entrusted with the NRM ticket and with the power of the NRM Nkumba Chapter he remains a great contender .

With his slogan society for us all he hopes to create a society in Nkumba where everyone engages and benefits from.

As they await for the elections on the 16th, all four candidates successfully passed the vetting process that was conducted on thursday

By Press time , Ignatius Kangave Musaazi was in the lead for the Opinion polls conducted by Nkumba University news but the final outcome remain uncertain.

The stage is set for an exciting and closely watched election at Nkumba University,Nkumba University news will keep you updated.

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Eliot Owen Ojambo
Eliot Owen Ojambo
Eliot Owen Ojambo is a second year journalism student at Nkumba University with Great Enthusiasm in sports reporting.



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