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All you need to know about the Nkobazambogo Mpigi trip

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Deus Muwonge

A total of 23 students moved to Mpigi for the much anticipated Baganda Nkobazambogo trip.

The students set off on Friday evening at around 4:30 pm and reached the areas of Mpigi at Country Resort where they had to camp for the night.

After settling at the Resort,they started setting a camp fire famously known as the ‘Kyoto’ which was the first activity on their schedule.

While around the ‘Kyoto’, they received cultural and financial education from different both political and Buganda cultural leaders.

The first to speak to them was Kojja Ssekatawa who eeucated them about financial issues on a theme “Money is not your enemy.”

Ssekatawa’s education embedded more on the ways of how they should make money and how they should handle the money they have acquired.

Ssekatawa also tackled sexual education, a topic which picked much attention for the students and also seemed to be sensitive in their perception.

Still at the Kyoto the students also received education from Mr Lawrence Mulika, the councillor of Nalugala in Katabi who urged them to make connections wherever they find an opportunity.

He highlighted on the relevancy and the importance of connections to the students .

In the morning, the students walk up on a nature walk where they walked around the area of Mpigi.

Then after they embarked on visiting different places first Ekiggwa kya Bengo where they were shown different traditions in the ‘Engo Clan’ including a place where the Engo clan leaders meet for executive discussions.

After having some rest, they moved to Mpigi Health Centre IV where they carried out community service cleaning within the hospital and the sorrounding areas including Mpigi Central Market.

After having a nice luncheon, they headed to Kiggwa kya Be Ndiga where they found different Ndiga Clan traditions.

The Students then went for the football match where they played against Mpigi select winning 3-1 on the road the last activity on their menu.

Musasiizi Nicklas the general secretary of Nkobazambogo say it was a trip to remember

“We did all we wanted it will take some time for such memories to be erased from our mind.”

Such trips are organized every year for Baganda students to relate with their culture.

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