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TNS Thumps Nkumba University Football Team 3:0

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Nabacwa Veronica

In a stunning victory, Team No Sleep (TNS) under the management of South Sudan Student’s Association Yesterday humbled Nkumba University Football team-the Beach Boys, with a resounding 3-0 win.
The match which took place at the Beach Boys Arena saw the two clash in a friendly match witnessed by a large and enthusiastic crowd.

The first half of the game was a closely contested affair. Despite a slow start to the game, TNS gained control later on, with Brian scoring the first goal in the 40th minute after a beautifully curled free kick. The Beach Boys tried to rally, but their efforts were in vain, as TNS continued to dominate the game.

In the dying minutes of the first half, TNS’s Collins pounced on a loose ball from the Beach Boys’ defensive error, scoring the second goal and effectively sealing the game in TNS’s favor. First half ending 2:0.


The second half saw the Beach Boys make several attempts to get back into the game, but TNS’s defense held strong, denying them any chance of scoring. TNS continued to press forward, and in the 80th minute, TNS launched a counter attack through Brian who dribbled past two defenders and scored his second goal and the 3rd for TNS cementing their victory over the Beach Boys.

The match was a thrilling spectacle, with spectators cheering and ululating as TNS put on a display of skill and dominance. The victory was a testament to TNS’s hard work and dedication, and they will no doubt be celebrating their triumph for days to come. As for the Beach Boys, they will need to regroup and come back stronger in their future matches.

Speaking shortly after the match, Olara Nyeko Alfred, TNS midfielder maestro who also doubles as the Guild Sports Minister noted with profoundness that the match is testimony that Football can bring together students, ” let’s not so so much dwell on the victory, let’s embrace the games ability to bring students together.” Noted Nyeko.


On the contrary, the Beach boys’ fans were seemingly angry that their team lost to a lower outfit.

According to Nalubega Teopista, a third year Business Administration Student, her team, the Beach Boys conceded goals because the defense was too exposed, ” I am disappointed, they played as if they never had the midfied, we conceded goals because the defense was too exposed, I hope the coach will analyze this game and plan accordingly.”

The team recieved a boost 2 months ago and fans expect good performance.

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Team No Sleep is a budding footfall team comprising of a blend of students from Comoros, South Sudan and Uganda. The football team has amassed dominance with spectacular performances recording 5 wins in their last five matches.

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