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We are to organise the SOSS dinner- Musaasizi

Irene Daphine Karungi

School of Social Sciences president Musasizi Nicklas has revealed his intention to organise and re introduce the SOSS society dinner.

While speaking to Nkumba News this morning,Musaasizi asserted that the dinner is one of the major things they want to achieve in their tenure.

“For the time we have been here at Nkumba, we have seen other schools organise annual dinners something we have not seen in our school .”

“So me and my committee we are embarking on this we are gonna work on this such that the soss dinner happens and that it becomes a tradition.

However Musaasizi believes that this can only be achieved if there is Unity in SOSS which he believes he and his committee has already embarked on.

We believe this is possible if the SOSS society is united we have already started the Unification process bringing together all courses in SOSS .”

Musaasizi narrated that they are to use activities like sports and community service for unification.

We are organising both sports and community cleaning activities to be able to bring SOSS people together for example we are organising a SOSS sports Gala and also community service as SOSS students.”

Musasiizi was put into power as SOSS President last year in October.
Him and his committee that includes Ruvimbo Gore, Nantale Rebecca, Japheth Godwin Walakira , Namwanje Patricia , Ainembabaazi Nowamaani,Nambuba Stella,Kambugu Benjamin,Muwonge Deus.



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