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Kiconco murdered over land issues

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Veronica Nabachwa

Kiconco christine a resident of Rukiga district was on friday murdered by four of his brothers over land issuesInnocent Tumwekwase, Samuel Atuhirwe,Christopher Bikorwomuhangi and Justus Mayumba over land Wrangles.

The deceased and the murderers were all residents of Rwederema cell, Ibumba parish in Rwamucucu sub county Rukiga District.
It’s alleged that the deceased and the four brothers were all along having Wrangles concerning land and that they finally won the case by terminating their sister’s life at the end in Rukiga District but arrested by the police.
On Sunday,kigezi region police spokesman Elly Maate identified the deceased.

“It’s alleged that the family of the deceased has been battling in domestic issues originating from land that was divided amongest the children by their father Solestino Byaruhanga.”Maate said.
“The boys immediately sold off their shares and started calling the part that was given to girls and since then,they have been threatening the deceased”,he added.

Mr. Maate noted that the deceased came home drunk on march 24th at about 8pm and made alot of noise abusing the brothers of having sold off their land share and it had always been her common character whenever she was drunk.she was fond of drinking much alcohol and take this advantage to spill out whatever was on her mind as drunkards do.

Mr. Maate said the boys sold off their shares and started claiming the part that was given to girls and since then, they have been threatening the deceased.
Police says Kiconco’s father ordered her to move to the boy’s quarters after she continued to make noise upon her return.

“While Byaruhanga was still sleeping in the morning on March 25,his son Tumwekwase and daughter in law Charity Bahimbisomwe told him that her daughter in law was dead from the compound”Maate said
Byaruhanga immediately woke up and confirmed the same before he reported the matter to the police.

After,the police dog came to sniff on the scene and smelled the directed officers to the murderers homes.
They were arrested there after and their of murder by assault recorded at Rukiga police station in south western Uganda.
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