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Being free in a prison like world


Bright Amanya ,


“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.” Albert Camus.

.I dare you…. I dare you to let go, to let go of all the things holding you back, all the things in your psyche that make you stand in the way of you living your life as you were meant to live it.

I dare you to let go of all fears, worries, anxieties, negative thoughts, people’s opinions whether positive or negative I don’t care, other people’s expectations of you that stop you from being who you really are, unnecessary desires, bad vices, uncertainties and stress factors, and become free.

So that you can live your life without being weighed down by indifferences that are just constructs of your mind.

I dare you to relieve yourself of these constructs and free your body, mind and spirit. Think of all the things that you fear, worry about, anxious about that you feel weigh you down and just imagine if you were not feeling them at all.

That weightlessness, that which the great Taoist sage Lieh Tzu called RIDING THE WIND. Setting yourself free from external factors that are completely items and entities you can be indifferent to.

In Albert Camus novel “The Stranger”, the main character Mossiour, was completely free and indifferent to this world, he rejected all set societal standards for example he didn’t cry when his mother passed as per set by society that one must cry and grieve when a loved one dies, he didn’t care whether his girlfriend loved him or not, he killed an Arab by the beach and his justification was that the sun was too hot, he stayed true to his principles and didn’t conform to society, even before he was hanged, when a priest came to convert him to Christianity, he refused because he understood how the universe was indifferent to us people and therefore he was indifferent to it.

He said, “I only had a little time left, I didn’t want to waste it on God”. He understood and accepted the absurdity of life. He was free in every way like Tyler Durden in Fight Club.

When you are free, you are awake, you start caring about what matters, and you completely indifferent to what you don’t care about, you are in control of what you can control and indifferent to what you cannot control. But I didn’t say it would be easy, in fact it will be difficult, and it wouldn’t happen overnight, with time you learn to let go, surrender to the river flow.

Accept where the currents take you, the waters will sometimes be calm and sometimes be rough, but you must accept the situation as it is, and fight like the warrior you are.

It’s even more complicated when you are a man, like the waters, life is sometimes calm and sometimes rough, you must ride it either way, enjoy the calmness, every moment of it, and you must weather the rough times, solve your problems, create meaningful relationships and reliable networks that can lend you a hand in the rough timesy,ou must accept that pain and suffering are a part of your short life, you must know, not fear that you will suffer before you succeed, and even in your success, you will still face pain and suffer….

And even die at some point. Remember, fate cannot give you pain and suffering that you cannot handle. One must not fear anything, as a man you must lose all fear, all fear of rejection, death, pain and suffering, uncertainty………I don’t mean that you should throw yourself in a pool of crocodiles just because you have no fear, and even then, man must face his fears but not be stupid about it, use your common sense .

Fear is the biggest factor that blocks you from freedom, like the rest, it is a construct of the mind. What does this mean, it means that, to be free, you must tame your mind, only you can control your mind, it cannot control you, when you finally tame and control it, only then can it merge perfectly with your body and spirit.

Mind you, freedom comes with a price. The freedom you are enjoying today came with a lot of sacrifice of the ones that gave it to you. Many lives were lost in the fight for independence of this country.

Meaning you will have to make some sacrifices, accept to be looked down upon by those that are still chained to their conservative ways, you will be seen as controversial because of your beliefs and your own moral standards, you might even be ridiculed and seen as selfish, or by general moral standards, bad influence or with no purpose. They fail to see that in your rebellion against their conservative ways and refusal to conform, you are doing what you were put on this earth to do, TO LIVE.

You see, people don’t know that our existence of this rock is meaningless, and so we try to create a meaning to our meaningless existence, this is where PURPOSE comes in.

Having a purpose, a reason to wake up every day so that your life doesn’t seem empty. Some people think not having a purpose is bad and life without purpose is wrong and shows unseriousness.

But I think…. I think they misunderstood the whole PURPOSE concept. To them, a purpose must be something you want and chase like a career or a divine purpose like life after death. But I disagree, how can you depend on external faculties and faith for a purpose? You are already on earth, alive and not dead, you are so busy chasing fame, wealth and power instead OF DOING what you were put on earth to do, to live.

I mean, you have gotten another chance to live another day, why do you want to spend it doing shit you don’t like or chase things you won’t catch, you instead keep pushing them away the more. WHY DON’T YOU JUST LIVE YOUR LIFE AS IT IS, LIVING EACH MOMENT INTENSELY AS IF IT WERE YOUR LAST, BEING PRESENT AND DOING EVERYTHING TO ITS BEST, just because, not because there is something to benefit.

What if you don’t see tomorrow, will you die with regrets? Remember, TOMORROW IS NOT PROMISED, WE ONLY HAVE TODAY TO LIVE, SO WE MUST MAKE THE BEST OF IT.

Just try it. Let go, be free, accept to be weightless, live, live every moment of life as it is. Besides no one promised that life would be easy, JUST LIVE IT MAN. Live so freely that your existence itself is an act of rebellion. Trust in something, me I trust in fate, if fate is God or was created by God then I trust in God. But I also choose to be free from the from all kinds of fears from different western entities.



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