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HomelawKuganja elected president Nkumba university law society

Kuganja elected president Nkumba university law society

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Kuganja Jovan Joel has been declared as the president elect  Nkumba University law society after beating his opponent Muyigi Rahim in a fairly contested race.

Out of the 255 votes cast Kuganja Jovan Joel got 144 while Muyigi Rahim came out with 102 votes, only 9 were invalid as declared by the chairman Law society electoral commission Mark Nelson Mwambala.

Mark Nelson Mwambala before announcing the winner. Photo by Japtheth Godwin Walakira.

“By the authority given to me I therefore declare Kuganja Jovan Joel as the president elect. Nkumba university law society.”

He further commended the law students for actively participating in the whole electoral process.

“I would like to thank all law students for actively involving in the law society elections . It has been a free and fair elections we thank you for maintaining peace through the whole process.” He added.

After his declaration, Kuganja Jovan Joel thanked all his voters for trusting him and promised to deliver.

“I would like to thank all of you for standing my team that has moved with me from day one and I would also like to thank my voters for the trust they’ve put in me.”

“I would like to promise you you will find me in the evening of my tenure and you will speak in confirmation and say whatever thing you said you have been it , I’m living with purpose” He said.

Muyigi Rahim also  thanked all his supporters and further congratulated his opponent for the victory.

Muyigi Rahim congratulating Kuganja Jovan Joel after his victory. Photo by Japtheth Godwin Walakira.

“I want to take this opportunity to thank the team I’ve moved with you’ve done a tremendous work like I said our society our responsibility.”

“I congratulate you Joel for launching this milestone .
I have no problem with Joel and I wish him the best in his tenure.”he said.

Kuganja Jovan Joel will be officially the 19th president for the Nkumba University Law society after his swearing in at the 19th annual dinner that will happen at Protea Hotel next week on 22nd.

The elections bring to an end to Mwanje Gideon’s tenure whom many law students believe has registered tremendous achievements.

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Eliot Owen Ojambo
Eliot Owen Ojambo
Eliot Owen Ojambo is a second year journalism student at Nkumba University with Great Enthusiasm in sports reporting.


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