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Law society Presidenial debate: candidates unveil their manifestos ahead of 19th annual elections.

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The Nkumba University Law Society has  conducted its annual presidential debate ahead of the intense elections tomorrow.

The debate featured two candidates, Muyigi Rahim and Kuganja Jovan Joel, who unveiled their respective manifestos to over 200 students in the law fraternity who were in attendance.

In his speech, Jovan highlighted three key points: continuity, innovation, and growth as central themes in his manifesto. He expressed his intention to maintain the achievements of the previous guild government and build upon them if entrusted with power.

Kuganja Jovan Joel addressing Nkumba university law students during the debate. Photo by Japtheth Godwin Walakira

“I stand on three points: continuity, innovation, and growth. In continuity, I want my team, if trusted with power, to stand and build on what our predecessors did.”

“For example, the Kakooza Memorial Tournament and the Moot Court Society; we have all seen the impact of the moot courts, so I am looking at how far we can keep these things continuous.”he said.

While addressing the law students fraternity, the eloquent and poetic Rahim Muyigi first applauded the outgoing president, Gideon Mwanje, whom he believes has left an outstanding legacy.

He pointed out inclusivity as the main theme in his manifesto and promised a government with equal benefits and participation.

Muyigi Rahim during the law society Presidenial debate. Photo by Japtheth Godwin Walakira

“Inclusivity means that everybody has to be involved in the activities of the society. We believe in a society where everyone has access.”

“We shall ensure that the society is not discriminative of gender, tribe, or class; whatever is supposed to unite us, we shall include you. That is the society I will give you when I take over power.”

The outgoing law president, Mwanje Gideon, implored the students to choose one among the two candidates whom he believes are above average.

Gideon Mwanje addressing students during the debate. Photo by Japtheth Godwin Walakira

The 19th Law Society elections will take place tomorrow, starting from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, according to the Law Society Electoral Commission, where the law society will choose its leadership for the academic year 2024/2025.

During last year’s elections, Mwanje Gideon, aka Batapa, beat Mwesigye Raymond to become the 18th Law Society president.

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Eliot Owen Ojambo
Eliot Owen Ojambo
Eliot Owen Ojambo is a third year journalism student, a at Nkumba University he is the head of sports Nkumba university news and also an editor , He is also a public relations practitioner, social media manager and marketing strategist


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