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HomelawNkumba University Law Students Take Community Legal Sensitization To Luwero

Nkumba University Law Students Take Community Legal Sensitization To Luwero

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In a bid to sensitize communities on legal matters, Nkumba University’s Law Society on Friday conducted a legal community outreach in Luwero- Bamunanika Village.

Led by Mwanje Gideon, president Nkumba University Law Society, the initiative sought to address pressing legal issues faced by the community.

According to Mwanje, the aim was to fulfill the third role of higher institution of learning, which hings around ‘community engagement’, “We were in Luwero to educate and sensitize locals on their legally threatening challenges, which according to some who had reached out include; writing wills, intestate succession, money lending, court system and procedures, Marriages and their validity, rights of children and domestic violence, this is partially a fulfillment the 3rd mandatory role of Universities which calls for community engagement.”

President Mwanje Gideon addresing residents of Bamuaanika, Luwero District. // Photo by Joshua

Residents expressed their gratitude for the effort and thanked Nkumba University for remembering them and taking them through such educative Legal guidance,”I thank Nkumba University for sparing time to engage us and for explaining matters of law in a language we understand the most.”

The outreach also saw the birth of partnership between Nkumba University Law Society and Costa Uganda, a community-based organization in Bamunaanika, Kiweebwa-Luwero District,

This collaboration will be tailored to address common issues faced by communities in the area.

In a world where legal knowledge can be a powerful tool, Nkumba University’s Law Society is looking at leveraging the scope by penetrating finalized communities to equip and empower them with legal knowledge.

Law Society Team during one of the sessions // photo by Joshua
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