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Uganda to Recieve 28.5m Mosquito Nets from Donors- Dr. Aceng

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Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng, Uganda’s Minister of Health has revealed that the country is set to receive a donation of 28.5 million mosquito nets this year from Global Fund and Against Malaria Foundation (AMF).

The donation is meant to boost the country’s strides in the fight against malaria morbidity and mortality.

“This year , Government with support from Global Fund and Against Malaria Foundation ( AMF) will be distributing 28.5 million mosquito nets with the overall aim of reducing malaria morbidity and mortality,” said Minister Aceng.

Aceng also revealed that malaria epidemic has gone down from 73 districts in October last year to now 12 districts that are still above the threshold which shows a significant reduction of malaria cases.


“To date , malaria cases at the out Patient Department (OPD) in epidemic districts have fallen from 109,938 in March 2023 to the current 58,822, a drop by 46%. Additionally there has been a reduction in admissions from 6,216 to 3,772 which is a drop by over 40%.”

Reports from the World Health Organization (WHO), places Uganda among countries with high malaria transmission rates worldwide.

Uganda records approximately 16 million cases of malaria annually, with children under 5 years old being the most vulnerable as malaria continues to wreak havoc leaving over 40 of them dead each day.

High Malaria prevalence is attributed to the thick vegetation and abundant water sources in the country which experts say favor conditions for malaria infecting mosquito breeding.


On 21st June 2023, the world Health organization announced, a total of 42 countries as malaria-free, the latest being Belize after the country’s over 70 years fight against the disease.

The world’s health organ set 90% as target of reducing global malaria incidence and mortality rates by 2030.

As the battle against malaria continues, the mosquito net donation will help the east African land locked country escalate it’s fight against the epidemic as it draws closer to the global target.

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