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Presidential Aspirants Promise Change As Campaigns Hit Climax

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Law society presidential aspirants have promised to be instruments of change in their last gasp during the open air campaigns at the School of Law today.

The Open air campaigns which started at around 2pm saw the two aspirants, Aaron Reymond Mwesigye and Gideon Mwanje verbally tussle it before electorates.

The two layed out their manifestos directing efforts towards changing the law school for betterment.

In their assertions both candidates exhibited leadership prowes with their oratory articulations wowing Nkumba University’s legal community.

Aaron Reymond Mwesigye, reiterated that inadequacy of funds is the reason behind poor service delivery at the Law society.

” We have the problem of limited funds, we have not had sufficient funding because of limited sources of funding making it difficult for us to run the Law society programmes,” Said Mwesigye.

“Our programmes are mainly funded by the University administration, we need to diversify our financial basket.”He said.

Mwesigye also believes that the introduction of a compulsory subscription for freshers may also help supplement the society’s financial muscle.

“Averagely, we get close to 100 new students every semester, if we make subscription to the society compulsory, then retrieve the money from the University to the society, it would give the society a permanent financial boost. ” Elaborated Mwesigye.

He also cited limited court simulation and practicing opportunities which he has set foot to deliver.

On the other hand, Gideon Mwanje alias Batapa has positioned him self as favourite given the vibe he commands. He cites intolerance and disunity as the cancers slowly derailing the success of the society.

” As Law society, we are divided yet we need a Law society that is united. Unity is a good portion to development therefore to better our society, we need to be united.”Said Mwanje.

” If we are divided, we cannot achieve anything but if we come together under one umbrella with tolerance, we can achieve alot more.” He added.

Mwanje is confident that such a problem can be curbed through organising different activities that can bring students together, he further promised to organise different social events to bring together to reinvent unity.

Mwanje, he serves as the Publicity director lauded the current government for coming up with social events like sports galla which have enhanced unity among Law students. He promised to reserve and maintain the trend.

The event was climaxed with a question and answer session. The audience demanded for clarity on the affairs of the society as they unleashed anguish leaving candidates on tenterhooks.

The ultimate decision will take shape tomorrow. Over 300 Law students are expected to cast their vote in what will turn out to be the most hyped election with no female aspirant.

Last year, the incumbent law Society president, Sandra Batuze trounced her only rival Nuwagaba James to clinch victory that brought Sharif Ssebina’s tenure to an end.

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