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Toka Sworn-In as the New Nkumba University Guild President

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Toka Victor Given, a Second year Public Administration and Management student at the Entebbe based higher institution of learning has been sworn in as the 27th Guild President in a ceremony held at the University’s main hall today, 7th November 2022.

H. E Toka was guided by the University’s Registrar of court, Her Worship Hope Sohani in reciting both Oath of allegiance and that of the president.

Her Worship Suhani stated that,”We are all here to Witness the swearing in of the incoming president. I…,” before the president-Elect proceeded …”I Toka Victor Given swear in the name of the Almighty God, that I shall faithfully exerscise the function of the president of Nkumba and uphold, preserve, defend, protect the constitution and observe the laws of Nkumba University Guild and that shall promote the welfare of the students, So help me God.” Sending the audience into ululations.

Presiding over the swearing-in ceremony was University’s Vice Chancellor in the company of University secretary, the Dean of Students, the University’s Estates Manager, the Librarian and the incumbent Guild President. The swearing-in ceremony also attracted deginitories from the South Sudanese Embassy.

Former Guild Presidential candidates; Daniel Ngirabakunzi, Imran Kigongo, Amon Muhwezi and Sharif Ssebina were among the witnesses.

Speaking before the swearing-in, the Chairperson Electral commission asserted that amidst all challenges, his team was able to deliver a free and fair election.

Nduhura Jossy, Chairperson Electoral commission speaking at the swearing-in ceremony.

Both Morris Ssemamabo and Arthur Andweniho were not present during the swearing-in under unclear circumstances.

The outgoing Guild President, H.E Lawrence Mushabe appealed to his successor to work in harmony with the University’s laws and advised him to consider working with his former colleagues in the race that usherd him into presidency if he is to succeed.

Lawrence Mushabe addressing the audience

In his remarks, the Dean of Students Mr. Christopher Kimuli challenged the new student’s leadership to work as a team and always consult where need arises.

Mr. Christopher Kimuli delivering his speach.

The University’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Jude Lubega commended the role of the electoral commission and the Supreme Court in managing the vote. He congratulated H.E Toka Victor and wished him success in his tenure.

“This afternoon, we open a new chapter for His Excellence Toka to lead the University student’s body to another level, Thank you for working hard for the win. There is no winning without a competitor, you all put up a good fight and I am certain each one of you can add something to this University, create harmony and work together.

Pro. Jude Lubega during his assertions.

The representative from the South Sudanese Embassy-Deputy Education attachie’ H.E Abraham Kuol Majok, lauded Nkumba University for it’s inclusiveness and congratulated H.E Toka Victor for a well deserved victory. “Since his victory, the Embassy has been awakened to reality of the impact this University has had on our country, a former chairperson of the South Sudanese Association from this University is now a very competent politician back home and we are sure, Toka will also follow suit,” said H.E Majok, Adding that, “I will be following you on how you lead this University and we will be here for both moral and financial support.”

H. E Abraham Kuol Majok speaking shortly after the swearing-in of H.E Toka.

Born to a South Sudanese father and a Ugandan mother, Toka Victor is refugee who has spent a better part of life in Uganda.

He showed his initial political interests while in O’ level where he served as the time keeper before his landslide victory that usherd him into Head prefectship in A’level.

Toka clinched presidency in the October 29th polls with a thin margin over his closest nemesis, Arthur Andweniho.

Through a petition, Andweniho rejected the election results heavily banking on the commision’s failure to start the election exercise on time and failure to print sufficient ballot papers, a petition that was thwarted in a court session that sat early Monday, hours before the swearing-in ceremony.

Court had heard blow-by-blow arguments from both the petitioner’s and the respondents’ lawyers but dismissed the case on grounds that the petitioner did not comply with article 25 (3) of the Nkumba University Guild constitution which states that; ” The petition must be lodged within 24 hours after Guild elections.”

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Simon Peter Nashonji
Simon Peter Nashonji
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